Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Nano Healthy Family : Relaxing Massage

Hello, lovelies~ I just got back from getting a full body massage after 3 years (I think) at Mall of Indonesia. There is another one at Pluit, but since this one is closer to my office, I decided to go to MOI.

If you're looking for Nano, it's located right next to Gramedia and right in front of 6 Pack restaurant on the first floor. The place looked small from the outside,

You go straight towards the receptionist, located at the farther back of the shop. I requested a full body massage and asked for short pants. Afterwards, I went in to the locker to put all my belongings, change into said short pants and sandals before going further into the unknown for a feet washing session.

There are rows of wash basin complete with a flexible faucet that just shows how big the place actually is. My therapist came and she washed my feet with soap before soaking it in warm water that has a foot soak liquid. Whilst my feet were simmering soaking, she massaged my shoulders and it felt great.

My feet were then dried after 5 minutes or so ( I have completely lost track of time here) and she led me into a dimly lit room to further enhance the relaxation mood. I took off most of my clothes so it'll be easy to massage, obviously.

 Okay. Time to tell you a little secret.

I don't quite like massages, especially on my calves and ankles.

There I was contemplating on whether I made the right decision to get a full body massage knowing full well that those areas are going to get some TENDER LOVING CARE.

Either this is going to be an enjoyable session of muscle relaxation or pure torture for the next 90 minutes.

I'm glad to report that it wasn't the latter. 

(Thank you, Lord Jesus!)

The therapist is quite professional because she remembered the pressure she needed to exert on me, the weakling who could NOT, for the life of me, stand massages. She started quite strong and asked if it was too painful, can you guess what I said?

"Bu, bisa pelanan dikit? Makasih.."

She just lowered the pressure and it felt good. I can feel my muscles relaxing and not tense anymore, especially the ones on my back, near my scapula. She applied gentle pressure and it made a popping sound that felt rewarding.

After the massage session ended, I went out to sit for a bit in their living-room-look-a-like and drank a small glass of Wedang Jahe. It's hot ginger water with a little sugar in it that has A LOT of ginger it was spicy. G would've loved this drink.

I went back to the locker, changed my pants, and paid at the same receptionist place. The cashier is just right next to it. Each therapist has their own number, so if you want the same one for your next visit, just remember their number.

All in all, I enjoyed my full body massage session despite being a weakling upon being massaged. My muscles feel more relaxed, especially because I just swam the day before. I'm thinking of making this into a weekly or bi-weekly thing in my schedule. What do you think? Do you guys do massages, too? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~

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