Sunday, November 17, 2019

Favorite Zero Waste Swaps

Hello, lovelies~ Ever since I participated in Plastic Free July, my lifestyle and views on the world has certainly changed a bit. I read on how recycling isn't really a solution to the abudant plastic problem that we are currently having, how the oceans are polluted with not just a bunch of plastic straws, but also fishing nets and ghost nets that killed the majority of marine life, and how our actions can spread to other people as well, no matter how small it is. 

Okay, that got serious real quick.

In this blog post, I want to share some of my favorite lifestyle, zero-waste swaps that I have been implementing in my lifestyle. Again, I have ellaborated on how I can't be zero-waste in this post right here, but hey, I'm trying my best.


This is the first swap that I am over the moon with. I have been telling this to my friends, I have blogged about this, I even discussed this with G every time I am using it! I have blogged about this in this post, so go and ready about it if you haven't already. 

It is a silicone cup that you insert into your vagina to work as a plug to stop the blood from coming out during your menstruation. You have to take it out every 12 hours to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome, so don't leave there for days on end, okay? After cleaning and rinsing all the sacrificial blood out of the cup, just insert it back in and you're good to go!

I know it might seem intimidating at first, but once you learn more about it, it may just be your BFF during your period! I have only tried Organicup and am loving it. 


Back in 2012, I used a shampoo bar from LUSH religiously to a point that I felt like buying backups upon backups of said shampoo bar. It was expensive enough on its own and shipping is just the icing on top of the expedition cake.

Glad I didn't though.

2019 rolls around, lo and behold, we have shampoo bars available locally! Here in Indonesia! One of the first ones I tried is from Segara Naturals and the recent on is from 7 Cactus. I'll post the review on my blog later after I finished using them. Obviously not gonna write a review post after one time using, right? ;)

I like this swap because it eliminates all the plastic bottles usually found in shampoos. Also, most of my shampoo don't have refills, so I have to keep buying the bottle over and over again. Sure, you can recycle the plastic bottle, but you do realize that you can only recycle them so much before the quality drops to a point that the plastic is just unusable anymore, right? 


I don't have a lot of tumblers from before going zero waste, I do have lots of mugs, though. There are some tumblers in my house, but the plastic is all warped and weird. Some are also not informative of what type of plastic they're made of. To be honest, I'm kinda scared to use them because of the plastic leaching problem if it's not clear as to what type of plastic it is. 

A-N-Y-W-A-Y . . .

I bought a collapsible silicone cup for buying drinks like coffee, lattes, or milk tea (I don't drink dairy milk anymore, but that a whole other blog post). It fits in my bag and doesn't take up too much space since it folds into a smaller dimension.


I'm not sure why it's even called a lunchbox when I use it for practically everything else. Let's just call it a box then.


This may very well be a godsend from the heavens above as they are watching me waste food when I'm in restaurants. It's not A LOT, but bits and pieces here and there. Maybe like 2 spoonfuls of sauteed broccoli along with 2 pieces of fried tofu? Still counts as food waste, though. 

Fear not for I have my handy dandy trusted silicone lunchbox to fit those into! I usually give the food scraps to the stray cats in front of my house. They seem to enjoy their dinner time a lot more nowadays and I get to eat to a comfortable level of satiety. Everybody wins! 


Aside from the addition of IDR 200 for each plastic bag used in stores nowadays, I prefer to use my own reusable grocery bag because of the eco friendly and strength aspect. I buy fruits, pasta, milk (plant based), and coffee weekly. Those things are heavy, dude. The thin plastic bags would've ripped easily. No, I am not gonna use double plastic bags to ensure the safety of my things, so reusable bags became the solution. I have a few of them in my bag at all times.

These are just some of the swaps I can think of at the moment. Keep in mind that plastic is not the enemy here and I am not in any way, shape or form ANTI-PLASTIC. I came from a medical field where every single one of the sterile equipment is (mostly) single use plastic for a valid reason. It's just the principle of HOW WE USE PLASTIC that needs to be revised.

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