Monday, November 25, 2019

Burgreens : Whole-Food Plant-Based

Hello, lovelies~ I recently went to a vegan restaurant at Mall of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading called Burgreens. They have opened for quite some time, but it was new in North Jakarta region.

The restaurant is located on the First Floor right next to that popular snack store (ACS). I'm not sure how I can explain it clearer than that lol. G and I haven't been eating beef and pork for five months now, so this restaurant interests me. 

We ordered a lot of food to try out, but funny enough, not the burgers because we're just simply not in the mood to eat one. I got Katsu Kare and G got Vegan Rendang something for the mains. Vegan gyōza, vegan yakitori, and mushroom soup are the sides and/or appetisers we got.

Katsu Kare came with brown rice with mock chicken underneath the Japanese curry sauce. I like the mock chicken as it has a meat-texture. The one where it rips to shreds, you know? I'm not a fan of the curry sauce, though. It tasted slightly diluted and watery.

Vegan Rendang that G got took a while to get to our table. I've already finished my Katsu when it arrived. The mock Rendang meat is well seasoned, but the texture of the rice is a bit to soft for me. There's not photo of this dish, I didn't take it because G was already late to his appointment since his food took 30 minutes to get to the table.

Vegan Yakitori was OK, but maybe the veggies on the stick could be heated together with the chikn? It just felt slightly cold whereas the chkn was warm.

My favorite was the Vegan Gyoza and the dipping sauce. The gyōza could do with a little bit more time so the bottom gets cripsy. The sauce is yum for me. It's well balanced between salty and tangy. Yum. *throws kisses like an Italian chef*

I would probably come back to eat here when we're at MOI, which is probably every two weeks as G always gets his haircut here. I'm really curious to try out the ramen. I think it would be even better if the plates were warmed up before serving the food on top, so the food won't go cold fast. Just a friendly suggestion.

For dessert, we got two scoops of vegan chocolate ice cream and vegan raspberry sorbet from Cream Fiction. Their ice cream stall is inside Burgreens, you can't miss it. Since there was a promotion, we got another scoop for free, so we had three scoops each! I haven't had dairy ice cream in one (or two?) months, so I'm kinda missing it. It's still next to impossible to get vegan chocolate ice cream where I live, so this was definitely a treat.

The milk (or mylk) base is coconut milk to get that creamy texture found in dairy-based ice cream. I really thought it would get in the way of the chocolate taste, but boy was I so glad to be proven wrong. IT WAS SCRUMPTIOUS! I may have found my go-to vegan ice cream, should I be craving it during that time of the month. I can taste the chocolate and the creaminess, but without any of that coconut taste (that I despise). It wasn't too sweet or bitter, it was just right.

As for the Raspberry Sorbet, I quite like it. Weird, huh? I'm usually not into fruit flavored ice cream or sorbets, but this just tasted fresh and tangy. I LOVE IT!

If you're ever in MOI and is craving for vegan food, drop by Burgreens. Maybe you'll find something that you'll like here. There's ice cream too if you're up for it.
They have reusable straws, too!

Mall of Indonesia Lantai 1
(di sebelah ACS or di sebelah A&W)
Pokoknya deretan Bakmi GM

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