Saturday, June 22, 2019

A Week With Facial Oils

No, not the oils on my face that I am regularly spouting waiting for someone to profit off of it to make fossil fuel or power transportation devices. 

It's these babies right here. 

I never thought I'd see the day where I would apply oil on my (already very) greasy face and can actually get away with it. I kid you not. For reference, I have sensitive, acne-prone skin that has been on Vitacid 0.025% (retinoic acid) for the past year or two.

It all has to do with the ratio of oleic acid and linoleic acid on your skin. I'm thinking of doing a separate post on in-depth about these two. Long story short, I read that people with blackheads and acne prone skin has a lower level of linoleic acid compared to oleic acid. However, if you have severe acne or fungal acne, I recommend that you consult with your doctor before applying these on your skin.

Upon contact with the oil, my skin turns red with a few bumps and whiteheads all over the surface. The grease level increases so much that it can reflect sunlight and ignite a small fire for camping. Too much?

My skin feels soft and smooth in the morning as if I have just used an industrial skin softener, even though it's totally non-existent. There are no clumps of acne on my skin and it even calmed an already existing single acne on my chin. Dare I say there is a slight glow on my cheeks now?!

Let's start with Tamanu Oil. It has a nutty, earthy scent that may be slightly overbearing to the senses. There hasn't been much research done on this plant, but one of them said that Tamanu oil contains an ingredient called calophyllolide that has anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of the reasons why it is suitable for those with acne, eczema, etc. 

Technically, you're supposed to apply the oil as the last step of your skincare routine to help lock in all the moisture. I feel that Tamanu oil takes forever to sink in (even though it does eventually), unlike Hemp oil that doesn't linger. Also, I like combining tamanu oil with my body moisturizer. My arms and legs were hydrated and smooth for a day.

Both oils gave me soft, smooth and supple skin in the morning with a slightly greasy T zone. I prefer hemp oil because of its lightweight consistency and how it sinks in faster than tamanu oil. I still can't stand the scent of hemp oil that kinda smells like damp, raw, young mung bean sprouts mixed with dirt. If you like that scent, hey, kudos to you, dude. You're gonna like this oil.

Moving on to Safflower Oil that is supposedly (also) great for acne prone skin because of the linoleic acid content. I think my skin didn't quite like this one as I noticed a small bump on my face the morning after I applied this on my skin. I'll give this another try sometime next week.

Grapeseed oil is probably one of the most famous oils out there, despite the lack of research or papers on it. If eaten, it contains vitamin E which is a good source for antioxidants. It doesn't have a strong scent and applies easily on the skin. I feel that this is heavier compared to hemp oil (which feels light).

One of the oils I hear works wonders for blackheads is Jojoba oil. It claims to "suck up" all of the comedones inside the pore because of the "like dissolves like" principle. How can I NOT be intrigued by such a brilliant idea?

I tried cleansing my T-zone with Jojoba oil on my dry face and just rubbing it in for a good 5-10 minutes. It hasn't worked miracles to a point that it sucks up all of the blackheads on my nose, but it does remove some of the less stubborn and smaller blackheads on my nose. I can't believe I'm saying this but I LOVE THIS OIL.

Some of the blackheads that are left behind I extracted manually. I noticed that the extraction process became easier because they just came out fast. They don't have a thick and gooey consistency.



After a week of using oils for my facial area, I am quite impressed by how soft, smooth and supple my skin feels. I haven't noticed any acne or breakouts anywhere on my face. The redness on my cheeks has minimized as well. I think I'll continue using this for a month and update you later on. Deal? Until then, I'll see you later~

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