Sunday, June 16, 2019

15 Years

Heyo~ I am having the most annoying headaches slash migraine as I'm writing this post. It's a Saturday night and we're at home because a) I am having a cold and b) G is currently working from home. 


We planned on celebrating our anniversary this year somewhere nice in the city. Just a casual dinner probably. We don't usually celebrate it with cakes and presents, but we've been together for 15 years this year, it's a nice number, so hell yeah to celebration, lol.

Now, here's the thing. I am someone who gets pumped when reading the reviews of the restaurant,  but upon seeing the traffic being all red on google maps, my laziness goes WAY UP.

And that's what happened. I wanted to go to Nomz Kitchen at Grand Indonesia for a lunch date, but it was crowded that we got lazy just thinking of going there. We ended up in one of our favorite restaurants ...

Holy Cow Pantai Indah Kapuk.

We got our usual order of steak with a side of french fries and chatted about stuff. Oh, we tried out the meatball with a creamy sauce and it was surprisingly delicious! I didn't take pictures of the meatball because we got too excited that I forgot to do that. :D

Dessert is up next and we planned on trying the gelato shop at PIK called Latteria. The parking, though. Amazingly stuffed.

Jam packed.

Like sardines in a can.



We went home straight after looking at it.

I just bought a slice of G's favorite cheesecake and a slice of chocolate cake for me for dessert at home. Thank you, Go-Food!

G went back to work and I watched a few episodes of Black Spot on Netflix. He has tons of work when it's the middle of the month. I'd say that was a day (anniversary) well spent because we get to do the things we like and spent time together. Here's to another 100 of these!

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