Sunday, May 26, 2019

Guardian Beauty Haul

Hello, lovelies~ I don't know if anyone is still reading blogs nowadays, but I feel like typing away all my worries and anxiety, so today, you get a blog post! Even though they're not really that awesome, but hey, I miss sitting in front of my computers making clickety noises for a few minutes. 

Since I just (re)started my blog after a few months (more like years, Phan) of going AWOL, I thought I'll start with something simple to boost my mood. 

A post about the things I bought aka a haul.

Should be easy.



There I was standing at awe at Guardian Plaza Senayan, gawking at the lines and lines of skincare just organized beautifully on the shelves.

I didn't know where to start, to be honest.

It was always a downfall in the beauty industry for me. Skincare, I mean. I've always had this "obsession" of trying out new face washes or face masks because of their ingredients. It has been a while since I explored newer skincare brands and by a while, I mean since the last time I wrote a proper post on this blog.

Anyhoo, I went by the sheet face masks aisle and stumbled upon this brand called AQUAPlux from Korea. They have a line of sleeping masks and sheet mask with adorable packaging and illustration on it.

If anyone is interested, here are the ingredients. I know I'm gonna break out from Tea Tree, but I still have two more sleeping masks to try, so cheers to that.

G's Vitamin C Serum is out, so he asked me to buy new ones whilst he's having his haircut. I bought my ultimate, super duper favorite sheet face mask from none other than My Beauty Diary.

I guess those are the interesting stuff I found from the drugstore today. Not sure if I'm even gonna review each of the items listed here. I guess we'll see~

Thanks for reading.  Until then, I'll see you later~


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