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GULACO Sumo Body Butter & Shea Butter Review

“Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out.” Complete disclosure here  

Hello, lovelies~ Do you have dry skin that it looks like it's cracking on the surface? You can see white lines along with bits of flaky skin on the sides. Well, I have those problems on my legs, especially on the shin and ankles. In moments like this, I turn to body butters as they are more moisturizing than your conventional body lotions.

Gulaco was kind enough to let me try their newest body prducts, namely the Sumo Body Butter and the unrefined shea butter that can be used for all over the body.

Sumo Body Butter

Made from 40% Shea Butter, this body butter is formulated for those blessed with very dry skin. It has a blend of beneficial oils from cocoa butter to vitamin E to further moisturize the driest of skin.

I received two cans of body butter, namely Great Joy and Perfect Happiness. Creative, dreamy names like these get me all the time. I once bought a lipstick just because I like the name, lol. 

Both body butters contain the same ingredients which consisted of two types of butter (shea butter and cocoa butter), three oils (coconut, avocado and almond oil), beeswax (to retain the solid texture), vitamin E (antioxidant and preservative), and fragrance. The difference is the scent; Perfect Happiness has a floral scent that ends with a sweet, nutty note, whereas Great Joy has a baby powder scent.

Anyway, the texture of these body butters are unique as they look solid inside the cans, but once rubbed on the skin, they turn to an oily consistency. The packaging suggest a small amount is all that is needed to moisturize your skin. A pea sized amount, even. 

My extra, super dry shin can't just have a pea sized amount. Nope. I need three pea sized body butters to properly moisturize it. It is on the greasy side right after it is rubbed on the skin, but throughout the day, it reduces in its 'greasiness'. 

If your skin isn't as dry as mine, you can get away with applying just a pea sized amount. Just remember to leave your skin slightly damp after a shower as it will help the body butter work better because it traps the moisture and prevents it from escaping your skin. This body butter fits into the 'emollient' category rather than 'humectant'.

Bottom line, I like this Sumo Body butter despite its greasiness at the start. My shins look a lot better than it was before using this. Apologies for not having a before and after photo. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

100% Unrefined Shea Butter
The word unrefined in the title means that there are no chemical additive involved in making it, hence the yellow color. It claims to be an all-around butter from stretch marks all the way to a simple moisturizer for your face as it doesn't clog your pores. 

Truth be told, I still don't have the courage to apply it on my face because of the oily nature of my skin. I did, however, apply it on the dry areas on my body, such as my elbow, my cuticles and my lips. 

This product is a must-have for my lips because it soften any dry, chapped areas and makes it silky smooth again. It is a bit of a hassle to apply it with my fingers, especially when I'm on the go. It has a slight nutty scent, nothing too overpowering for me.

Overall, these products will suit you if you have dry skin (or very dry skin like me) because of their emollient nature in trapping the moisture and keeping your skin moist. The shea butter is now included in my night time skincare routine to keep my lips moist the next morning.

Howe about you? Have you tried any Gulaco products, especially this collection? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Sumo Body Butter (Rp 80,000)
Unrefined 100% Shea Butter (Rp 90,000)
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