How I Succeeded in a No-Spend Month

Hello, lovelies~ We’re already entering February 2016, did you.. I want to share a few tips that worked for me during the ‘No-Spend’ period. I hope you find this useful as I know how hard it can be at times when you’re trying really hard not to buy stuff.

Make a check calendar
Whenever I am starting a no-spend period, the first thing I do is make a calendar out of scratch paper. I proceed to cross off the days that I successfully kept my wallet shut and didn’t buy anything. It gives me a sense of achievement as I continue to cross them off one by one. Also, I like looking at the crosses I made at the end of the month.

Stay away from temptation
With social media these days, it keeps me updated with the latest news, including promotions and new products. As simple as this tip may sound, it does work for me if I don’t see the items constantly on my feed. The more I see it, the more I feel the urge to buy the item, especially when it says ‘limited quantity’.

Make a wishlist

I used to divide my wishlist into ‘Need’ and ‘Want’, but I don’t do that anymore. I’ve established to myself that a wishlist is a group of things that I want, whereas the things that I need is included in the master ‘To Buy’ list. For example, a Van Der Spek planner is in my wishlist, whereas box cutter refills are included in the ‘To Buy’ list. Get it?

Weigh the options
If I have done all the things above and still manage to add a few items in my Aliexpress cart, I stopped to rethink before checking out the items. Some of the questions I have for myself is :
  • Am I really buying this because I need it or because I’m bored?
  • Is it a limited edition item that is only one of a kind? If yes, does it have a spark
  • Is it an item that is of great importance that I will not be able to function if I don’t buy it?
  • Is the item extremely, utterly important that I will die if I don’t buy it?
Okay, the last one may be exaggerating, but you get the point.

Go easy on yourself
Usually those tips work on me and I didn’t end up with tons of stuff. However, when I did end up with a bunch of things arriving at my house, I tried to understand why it happened and how I can prevent it from happening again. There are times when I feel lousy and decided to buy a few things off Aliexpress when I know for sure that the item is not of significant importance.

I hope these tips are helpful, but if you're still choosing to buy said items, go for it. I'm not stopping you. :) What are your tips on succeeding in a 'no spend' month? Leave them below in the comments section. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. I really need to do this! Ever since I am into beauty related things, I can't stop buying things even it's just one or two items. I also make a wishlist, quotes, and self reminder note. so I can save my money to buy mostly skincare and healthy food

    1. Hi, Yozora~ Hopefully this blog post can give you an extra push to help you stay within your budget. ^_^

  2. "Is the item extremely, utterly important that I will die if I don’t buy it?" --> important question untuk amunisi aku jalanin No Spend nanti nih. Hihii... Hope that I could keep myself on the track. Thank you mba Phan for the tips.. ^ ^

  3. I have done it for 3 months , not buying any makeup or fashion stuff . its really works. ! and totally save my money. but after that , new year is coming and a lot of new stuff came. But for the past 3 months now , I think I have bought way too lot of makeup and clothes . :( , I think I need to do this again , because my bank account would cry at this moment.