Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shopping at iBeau.com

Hello, lovelies~ Shopping must be everyone's hobby, especially when there are good deals all around. For my readers based in Europe or US, it could be a bit hard to find trusted online store that sells Asian cosmetics. Well, let me introduce you to iBeau, a Hongkong based wesbite that sells beauty products from around the world.

iBeau carries numerous beauty brands on their website. You can easily browse the brand you desired by sorting the item by the brand. As you can see, there are a lot of them!

Alright, let's shop, shall we? I like the quick view option on the website, so I can view the product without having to leave the page. This way, I won't end up with a gazillion tabs for each product.

Notice how it has the ingredients of the products in the item description. This is super handy for me as I like to examine each ingredients before purchasing any skincare item.

Most online stores just give the picture of the item and not the ingredients, making it difficult for people with sensitive skin like me. This is more practical because I don't have to search for the ingredients on Google.

If you're not sure about the product or having difficulties with shopping, they have a customer service ready on the corner. They'll help you with your shopping problems!

Once I've read the ingredients, I'll add it to my cart and checkout. For those in Indonesia, iBeau provides various payment options ranging from the usual credit card all the way to ATM transfers. There are a number of banks that can make the payment to iBeau, you can see the list on the photo below.

I saved the best for last; shipping. You can track your orders! This is what I like most about iBeau's online store. You can go to your 'Orders' section and click the orange track button.

iBeau uses Aftership, so you can have it on your phone as well. It shows you where you package is, so you're not worrying over it getting lost.

Right after you order, the invoice goes straight to your email, so you have a copy of the invoice, should you need it. You can also print it, if you want.

They are having a 'Free Shipping' promotion at the moment for those residing in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. No minimum purchase! As for the others, they also offer a free shipping over USD $30.

The shipping was suprisingly fast! It took around a week from Hong Kong to Indonesia. My goodies arrived in a white box with iBeau's logo. They packed my item safely, with bubble wrap around each item. You can see clearly in the video below.

Overall, my experience shopping at iBeau has been pleasant and fast. It is a practical website that provides complete product information down to the list of ingredients as well as providing their customers with the ability to track their package. What are you waiting for? Hurry over to iBeau while the free shipping promotion still lasts!

Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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