Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dotspaperie Stickers Review

Hello, lovelies~ It's already halfway through December! Not much longer until Christmas is here. Are you excited for Christmas? I know I am! I've got the whole thing planned in my Filofax. I've posted many pictures of my weekly spread on Instagram @snangoi. To decorate the spread, my favorite way is by using stickers. One of the many in my collection is from Dotspaperie.

The sticker sheet isn't like your usual long, stuck on a transparent plastic, store bought sticker. It's cut to a 6 x 12 cm rectangle, making it easy to place into your binder pockets. My favorite at the moment is this sheet of cups. They're just fitting if you think of it holding your hot cocoa for Christmas. Best part? They're only Rp 8,000 (USD $0.57) a sheet!

There are two variations to the sticker sheets; the other one being a folded sheet. This one is the Christmas edition, hence the Santa Claus. There are regular ones that has page flags and to do lists that makes your planner pages more colorful. This costs Rp 22,000 (USD $1.57) as it has more stickers.

The sticker sheet are already precut (kiss cut), so all I have to do is peel them off the sheet and stick it to my planner pages. 

Some of the stickers are not just decorative, but functional as well. You can mark you telephone bill or to remind you to top up the credit on your cell phone. 

Just for the season, Christmas-themed stickers!

You can browse for other stickers on their website at www.dotspaperie.com. They have an array of stickers to be used on your planner pages or anywhere, really. I hope this short review is useful to some of you who are new to planning in general and located in Indonesia. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. Aaahh! Thanks banget ci buat infonya. Sering banget liat stiker-stiker lucu gini di Etsy, tapi shipping costnya agak bikin meringis. Kalo Indonesian based gini kan, hati jadi senang dan tenang tenang (dan dompet lebih amana)