Thursday, December 31, 2015

Favorite Anime 2015

Hello, lovelies~ As 2015 is coming to a close, I thought it would be appropriate to list some of the anime that became my favorite over the past year. I did a similar blog post about my favorite anime of 2014, you can read more about it. Ready? Se.. No.. GO!

Koufuku Grafitti

It has been a while that I watch food-related anime. The last one was Shokugeki no Souma, but I dropped it. This one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy as it tells the story of how the heroine has been struggling to eat good food ever since her grandmother passed away. Whenever she eats alone, the food became tasteless, but when she eats with another, it becomes the most scrumptious food she has ever eaten. I love it.

Death Parade


Taking place in the afterworld, a person must go through Quindecim to be judged whether they get reincarnated or get thrown to the void. The judgement is passed after the person played a game that revealed their true nature. I'm all for season 2. Please make it happen. :)

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic


A story about an exchange student from England and her daily activities with her Japanese friend. This is the second season, so more Engrish goodness.



I'm not usually into action anime, but this one is more than that. It's a story about 'mercenaries' that kill for a living, but they have an interesting relationship that is more than partners in killing.

Sore ga Seiyuu!


The story of three seiyuu that has just begun their career. I love how it shows the difficulties of being one and how it can break you down if you're not strong enough.

Himouto! Umaru-chan


Umarun~ I LOVE THIS ANIME! A beautiful high school girl that excels in every subject at school, but at home, she turns into a game-playing, snack-loving, lazy girl that leaves all housework to her brother.



I didn't expect to love this anime at all. It was about a group of high school girls and their daily lives. That's all I can say.

Noragami Aragoto


The second season of Noragami, the bond continues between Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori. The underworld scene between Hiyori calling Yato is beautiful. I also love the beginning of Yato and Ebisu making friends. :)

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru


A girl who is fascinated by bones and anything of the sorts. The story is a mystery and wherever they go, there sure is a set of bones to be found.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider


A mystery anime where the hero is trying to solve a murder that happened in a closed room. Unlike other detective anime, this one feels more sophisticated and modern.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??


A relaxed anime to close 2015 for me. This is the second season of Rabbit Cafe ran by Chino and friends. I always love relaxed, nichijou style anime like this. It makes me feel happy.

That is all of the anime that made it to my favorites list in 2015. I watched other anime throughout the year, but I dropped some of them, thus not making it into this list. What are your favorite anime in 2015? Let me know in the comments below.

I'm wishing everyone a safe and fun New Year's Eve celebration tonight. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

P.S: The anime is listed randomly, not by rank.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Want Healthy Looking Nails?

Hello, lovelies~ How are you doing this holiday season? I hope everyone will have an amazing holiday. I have a blog post for you today that will discuss nail health and how you can achieve it. Keep on reading~

Have you ever had one of those days when your nails look a bit off? Yellowish looking nails that is on the verge of breaking easily?  This infographic below suggests that most people don't really pay attention to it since it seemed like a trivial matter, nothing to shout from the rooftops about.

Let's say you do encounter one of your nails changing color. What is your next move? Is to treat the nail or cover it with nail polish? Some people chose the latter because it isn't painful (yet) or disturbing them physically.

It is important to treat your nails whenever you see one of these signs. Be it your nail changing color, your nails thickening, or even when it breaks easily. Be sure to choose the right treatment as to prevent it from worsening. Emtrix can be one of your option in treating these conditions.

Emtrix contains three active ingredients (Propylene Glycol, Urea, and Lactic Acid) that is able to penetrate the thick layers of nails and sort out the problem directly. It works to treat these conditions effectively around 2-4 weeks for the first initial treatment. It can then be continued for another 8 weeks to optimize the treatment. This treatment can also be used as prevention and to maintain beautiful, healthy nails. 

Unlike most traditional medicine that needs to be applied throughout the day, Emtrix just needs to be applied once daily, preferably at night before sleeping. 

All you have to do is squeeze the tube to get the liquid out and spread it evenly all over your nails with the flexible tip. Very practical, don't you think?  I've only used this for a week, so there hasn't been changes yet to my already healthy and non-problematic nails. I'll update you guys on twitter if I notice any changes.

Emtrix is available is most drugstore in Indonesia, such as Guardian, Century, Watsons, Boston, K24, Kimia Farma, and others. It costs around Rp 200,000 - Rp 230,000 for a tube that can last for around 3 - 4 months, give or take.

For more detailed information on Emtrix or nail health, you can go to their website at There are plenty of information over there. I hope this post is useful to you. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shopping at

Hello, lovelies~ Shopping must be everyone's hobby, especially when there are good deals all around. For my readers based in Europe or US, it could be a bit hard to find trusted online store that sells Asian cosmetics. Well, let me introduce you to iBeau, a Hongkong based wesbite that sells beauty products from around the world.

iBeau carries numerous beauty brands on their website. You can easily browse the brand you desired by sorting the item by the brand. As you can see, there are a lot of them!

Alright, let's shop, shall we? I like the quick view option on the website, so I can view the product without having to leave the page. This way, I won't end up with a gazillion tabs for each product.

Notice how it has the ingredients of the products in the item description. This is super handy for me as I like to examine each ingredients before purchasing any skincare item.

Most online stores just give the picture of the item and not the ingredients, making it difficult for people with sensitive skin like me. This is more practical because I don't have to search for the ingredients on Google.

If you're not sure about the product or having difficulties with shopping, they have a customer service ready on the corner. They'll help you with your shopping problems!

Once I've read the ingredients, I'll add it to my cart and checkout. For those in Indonesia, iBeau provides various payment options ranging from the usual credit card all the way to ATM transfers. There are a number of banks that can make the payment to iBeau, you can see the list on the photo below.

I saved the best for last; shipping. You can track your orders! This is what I like most about iBeau's online store. You can go to your 'Orders' section and click the orange track button.

iBeau uses Aftership, so you can have it on your phone as well. It shows you where you package is, so you're not worrying over it getting lost.

Right after you order, the invoice goes straight to your email, so you have a copy of the invoice, should you need it. You can also print it, if you want.

They are having a 'Free Shipping' promotion at the moment for those residing in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. No minimum purchase! As for the others, they also offer a free shipping over USD $30.

The shipping was suprisingly fast! It took around a week from Hong Kong to Indonesia. My goodies arrived in a white box with iBeau's logo. They packed my item safely, with bubble wrap around each item. You can see clearly in the video below.

Overall, my experience shopping at iBeau has been pleasant and fast. It is a practical website that provides complete product information down to the list of ingredients as well as providing their customers with the ability to track their package. What are you waiting for? Hurry over to iBeau while the free shipping promotion still lasts!

Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dotspaperie Stickers Review

Hello, lovelies~ It's already halfway through December! Not much longer until Christmas is here. Are you excited for Christmas? I know I am! I've got the whole thing planned in my Filofax. I've posted many pictures of my weekly spread on Instagram @snangoi. To decorate the spread, my favorite way is by using stickers. One of the many in my collection is from Dotspaperie.

The sticker sheet isn't like your usual long, stuck on a transparent plastic, store bought sticker. It's cut to a 6 x 12 cm rectangle, making it easy to place into your binder pockets. My favorite at the moment is this sheet of cups. They're just fitting if you think of it holding your hot cocoa for Christmas. Best part? They're only Rp 8,000 (USD $0.57) a sheet!

There are two variations to the sticker sheets; the other one being a folded sheet. This one is the Christmas edition, hence the Santa Claus. There are regular ones that has page flags and to do lists that makes your planner pages more colorful. This costs Rp 22,000 (USD $1.57) as it has more stickers.

The sticker sheet are already precut (kiss cut), so all I have to do is peel them off the sheet and stick it to my planner pages. 

Some of the stickers are not just decorative, but functional as well. You can mark you telephone bill or to remind you to top up the credit on your cell phone. 

Just for the season, Christmas-themed stickers!

You can browse for other stickers on their website at They have an array of stickers to be used on your planner pages or anywhere, really. I hope this short review is useful to some of you who are new to planning in general and located in Indonesia. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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Friday, December 4, 2015

November Beauty Favorites

Hello, lovelies~ I am back! Yes, you read that right. After months of staying up late studying for entrance exams, I can finally blog again~ Freely, without having to think of feeling guilty afterwards, lol. To warm up my seemingly cold and dusty blog, let me start off with a simple November beauty favorites, yeah? 

This is my go-to foundation that I use everyday before my daily activities last month. It doesn't take much time to apply and theoil control is quite long lasting on its own. I think I may have used it a bit too much that there's half left, I guess.

An old beauty product that never let me down is this foundation. Well, this and Revlon Colorstay foundation. This gives a matte finish with a medium coverage. I love pairing this with a beauty blender, if I want to reduce the coverage for a more natural look.

It may be a sponge, but it's the best out there #notsponsored. I have tried other beauty sponges, but haven't found one that comes close to the BB's elasticity and bounciness. It lasts a long time, too!

4. NIKS Vitamin C Serum
A skincare product from my friend, dr. Kevin Maharis from the Maharis clinic. I have reviewed his other vitamin C serum, Votre Peau Vitamin C in my previous blog post. This serum sinks into my skin rapidly without leaving any stickiness behind. It also brightens my complexion, which is always a plus in my book!

One of the best lip butters that I'ever tried. It came second my beloved Korres Lip Butter. Cocoa butter is my favorite out of the bunch

This is an update (of sorts) on the Clarisonic MIA 2. I have posted a full review on my blog previously, so click here to read more about it. Now that I have used it for more than two months, it began to grew on me. My skin is soft and skincare product seemed to get absorbed better after using this.

Those were my beauty favorites of this month. Let me know in the comments if you have similar ones or would like to recommend me your faves. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~ 

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