Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Clarisonic MIA 2 Review

Hello, lovelies~ I didn't realize that today is a public holiday, so it's a day off! Yeay~ I haven't really been drafting blog posts as often as I should, but I'll manage. I have posted my thoughts on the Foreo Luna last week, so I thought it would be appropriate to acknowledge the other skincare device I have on hand. I present to you, Clarisonic MIA 2.

I got this last August along with the Foreo Luna, so I was a little slow in trying out both of them just to make sure that I give each of them a fair use. This is not a comparison post between the Luna and the Clarisonic, but I will try to get that post up by the end of the month, hopefully. 

This skincare device comes in a box that has all of the product information printed all over it. Inside the box, there is the Clarisonic MIA 2, one sensitive brush head, a cleanser, a case for travelling, a charger, and instructions. It takes a while to charge; initial charge took 24 hours, to be used for 24 minutes, then after that it needs to be charged for 18 hours. In short, you need to charge your MIA for 18 hours after using it 24 times. Got it?

There are a few types of brush heads on the Clarisonic website, but this one comes with the sensitive brush head. It says on the box that the brush needs to be replaced every three months. I haven't used this for that long, but I think mine can be replaced at a later time. Currently, I'm only using this once every two nights, instead of every night like most people.

The bristles are soft, but I still find that it's a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin. Thankfully, I haven't had any issues of acne or broken veins while using it. The skin on my cheeks just turned red after using it. I'm not pressing it hard on my skin, FYI.

The Clarisonic works as a physical exfoliator to remove any dirt, debris or dead skin cells that are stuck on the outermost layer of our skin (epidermis). The bristles will oscillate or move left and right at an amazing speed that we can only see it vibrating.

My skin feels soft and smooth after using this device for a full minute on low speed. It has two speed settings, which can be adjusted using the up and down arrow button. I prefer using the low speed setting because the high speed cause my skin to look red afterwards.

Overall, this skincare device does its job of removing any dead skin cells and making my face feel smooth. However, I haven't yet seen the wonders that this device can do for my skin right now. I mean, it does the same job as my old face that is non-oscillating. I don't mind the idea of replacing the brush for the sake of hygiene.

Maybe I should try skipping double cleanse to see the action? I really don't have the guts to. What do you think? Have you tried this hyped device? Let me know in the comments what you think about it. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later.

P.S: Maybe this blog post will be updated once I used it for 6 months or see changes in my skin, whichever comes first. For now, I'll give you my brief overview. :)

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  1. Sbnrnya pengen bgt cb ini krn hits bgt, msh menimbang beneran worth to buy gak efeknya, sejauh ini msh pake olay dan brushnya rada harsh, waktu blm replacing brush aku ga pake dlm wktu lumayan lama dan aku ga ngrasain beda efeknya. Like u said, maybe I can skip double cleansing with a kind brush face cm kok ttp ga mantep ya kl ga double cleasing hehehe
    Thanks fr review, aku tunggu update nya :)

  2. Please let us know on any updates! Im contemplating on whether I should get a device like this :)

  3. which one better ci, clarsonic mia 2 or foreo luna? kalau dari segi harga?

    1. Hi, Yozora~ For the price, I prefer Foreo because in the long run, I wouldn't need to change the brush head. :)

  4. How much is it? I am wondering whether it is worth on investing on such a pricey device. I used similar cheaper cleaning device from Sigma, but I think it is the main culprit for my extended enlarging pores.