Monday, October 5, 2015

A'pieu Lip Jelly Doraemon Review and Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ Happy Monday! How was yours? I hope it was alright, mine was. A week ago, I bought a lip tint (or jelly as this brand would call it) from a blogger friend, Oline. She was kind enough to help me get these cutesies, thank you~ ^_^

The lip jellies were from a  Korean brand called A'pieu. I tried google what it means, but it was all written in Korean on their website, obviously. Not sure if this is right, but the word means basic in French? Don't quote me on that. ^_^
I have never tried any products from A'pieu before, so I'm pretty excited. The lip jelly is sealed in plastic complete with a sticker that gets ripped when the cap it turned. On the tube, there is Doraemon with different expressions.

I can't find any ingredients written in English, so maybe I'll skip analyzing the ingredients in this post. It has a doe foot brush applicator, similar to most lip gloss in the market.
Left: Watermelon; Right: Cherry

There are six shades in the Dorameon collection from A'pieu, ranging from berry reds all the way to oranges. I picked two shades, the watermelon and cherry shade, like I always do when purchasing lip tints or stains. In my eyes, they look almost similar to each other, only the Watermelon shade has a more pinkish tone. Plus, my camera won't show the right colors, boo.

The consistency is slightly thicker than water, almost like a liquefied jelly. I find it quite a challenge to blend the colors evenly with my fingers. I would suggest tapping your fingers gently on your lips to blend out the colors and use a small amount at the beginning. Also, I wouldn't swipe the applicator all over the lips as it makes the color bleed.

It does feel drying like a lip tint, so I always apply a coat of lip balm on top after it dries. Maybe around a minute or two. It doesn't taste bitter when I accidentally lick my lips. I know some lip tints are notorious for tasting awfully.

It does last longer than a typical lipstick, but it is quite hard to remove, even with cleansing oil. Yup, I swatched it on my hand and it is still here as I am typing this blog post. Kinda scared of using it on the lips, to be honest, lol.

Overall, I bought this purely for the sake of having Doraemon's head on some of my makeup products, lol. I didn't even have high expectations that it would perform as decent as this. The only thing that makes me scared to use it is its longevity. I mean, cleansing oil won't remove it? Come on.

Have you tried any products from A'pieu? I still have a cushion from them to review, so be sure to stay tune for that blog post. It should be coming up this week, fingers crossed. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. Ah these are so cute and look great on you! Thanks for the review!

  2. very cute :) and it lasts forever on the lips

  3. OMG these are SO cute <3 I really like it!