Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nivea Lip Butter Review

Hello, lovelies~ My lips are not extra dry, but I'm always on the lookout for new lip butters or lip balms. There's nothing more irritating than dry lips that flakes and leads to bloody lips. Well, I guess that only happens to me, lol.

The lip butter comes packaged in a round tin can that measures around 5 cm and sealed with plastic all around it. There is 16.7 grams of buttery goodness inside the well illustrated tin can. It comes with four variations in Indonesia, I heard there is a coconut flavor somewhere out there, lol. There is the Original, Cocoa, Vanilla & Macadamia, and Raspberry Rose variant.

Shea butter, castor seed oil, sweet almond oil, and cocoa butter helps to moisturize the lips along with the glycerin and mineral oil. I didn't find any parabens in the cocoa butter variant, but it uses BHT in place of preservatives.

These things are hard to open, especially when my fingers are slippery and my nails are short. I'm even thinking of melting it and reshaping it into a stick, lol. Once opened, each has a different color, but all of them goes on clear.

I feel that the Original variant is the thickest out of the bunch, whereas the rest has the same texture, with different scents. My favorite is the cocoa, followed by the raspberry rose, original, then the vanilla & macadamia. If you're a fan of sweet scents, I think you'll like Raspberry Rose. If you're easily nauseated (like me) and prefer to have neutral scents, go with either cocoa or original. As for vanilla & macadamia, it has a nutty scent in the tin, but disappears when I apply it on my lips.

Overall, these are affordable options for those who suffers from dry lips. It doesn't take much space in my makeup bag, making it extremely travel friendly. I do hate opening these as my nails are short, so I have to budge them with strength, lol.

How about you? Have you tried these lip butters from Nivea? Let me know in the comments below if you have or planning to. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Nivea Lip Butter
Rp 24,000
Found at Food Hall Kelapa Gading Mall

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