Friday, August 14, 2015

Why I Went Back to Paper Planners

Hello, lovelies~ It's Friday! Excited for the weekend? A date, maybe? Well, I do have a date with needles since I have blood work planned for the weekend, along with Mr. G and my brother. Aside from that, I have a post for you about planners, my recent 'addiction' apart from skincare.

I have been receiving a number of statements and questions ever since I started using paper planners again earlier this year. I don't need to explain myself on how I was an avid planner user back in the day because I don't feel like I should. When a girl loves something, she's almost always 100% right, no questions asked, lol. Society these days. Anyway, I'll write some of the reasons why I went back to paper planners in this post.

Everything is in place
Here are some of the things I need to manage in my life :

  • Blog
  • Anime
  • Expenses
  • Random thoughts
  • Shopping list
  • Cleaning schedule (bed, makeup brushes, laundry, etc)
  • and more...

I tried to keep everything in my phone, but soon got overwhelmed after a week. My calendar was full and reminders kept appearing on my notification bar in my phone while I'm jotting down my random thoughts. Naturally, I swiped the notification away and ended up not doing said reminder, lol. I find with paper planners, everything I need is in one place (binder) and I can't 'swipe' them, unless I put them in a shelf.

What a relief!
Aside from being a place to jot all my thoughts down, it is a place where I learn to take things one day at a time. I have a weekly and monthly spread in my calendar section, so it forces me to see things weekly, instead of 6 months ahead. I often worry about the future, which will most likely end up in an anxiety attack. With this system, I feel like a weight has been lifted and learned that not all things need to be worried right now.

Track 'em all down!

Things to buy, online purchases, receipts and wishlists are just a few of those I have in my Tracking section. With this section, I won't stray on the things I need to buy once the budget is available the next month. For example, I have been wanting to buy a Clarisonic for the longest time, but always got distracted whenever a new foundation is released. I end up not buying the Clarisonic until now, lol.

Check off those boxes

It's something with checking off boxes after doing stuff just excites me for unknown reasons. I mean, physically checking off those boxes on paper. It's a personal joy for me, lol. Things get done a lot faster with these things, too.

Motivational Source

It's not all serious in my paper planner, of course. I have a section dedication to motivational quotes and positive things, for those days when I'm just feeling blue. It helps me get back up on my feet and reminds me that sometimes it's okay to feel down or scared.

Memory Keeping

Another section that keeps my mood up is my gratitude section. This is where I write down three positive things of my day to day activity. Even bad days have a sliver of positive aspect, or at least that's what I chose to believe. When the section is full, I archive them in another planner for memory keeping. I printed my Instagram photos and made them into a divider to remind myself how lucky I am to be alive.

Bonus : Stickers, Washi Tapes and More Cute Stuff

This is one of the few things that made me stick with planning on paper, it just made it beautiful and cute. It made me want to look at it often without feeling too overwhelmed or serious. The cute layout makes me happy and relaxed, which creates an association in my mind that it's fun to plan.

Despite my (sometimes) lengthy explanation, there is always a few follow up questions. Here are some along with my answer.

"You're not in elementary school anymore"
So, I don't need a reason anymore to have a more organized life? :p

"Why not use the calendar on your phone?"
I tried, but every time the notification for a reminder to an event pops up, I'll just clear it and/or make it disappear. With planners, I can't make it go away unless I keep them inside my cupboard. Plus, it is filled with quotes/stickers/washi tape/colorful inserts, so it is hard to look away.

"I know you in Uni and you didn't use any planners. You did just fine."
True, I didn't use any binders to plan things, but I use sticky notes and it's all over my desk. No, I'm not having flight of ideas.

I hope this post can paint a better picture on why I went back to ancient times of planning on paper. It is just a system that I find works best for me. If it is written, then it's recorded. At least that is how my brain seemed to think. I still use my phone for appointments because it can push notifications 15 minutes before.

I am currently using two planners at the moment, one for personal and other one is for financial matters.
The rest?
For collection.
A girl can't have a hobby?

Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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