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Filofax Malden Personal Purple Review

Hello, lovelies~ I haven't been updating my blog recently because I have some things to do for the upcoming month of September. Short courses and an interview are just one of the few, so my mind has just been split. In many ways. Anyhoo, I am taking a break from making revisions and decided to share my review on my current paper planner.

Filofax Malden.

THE Malden.

Yup, I finally got it when my dad went to Singapore last month. Yeay~ Before I reviewed this beauty, let me lay down the details from the Filofax website.

Filofax Malden Organizer
Left Hand Details: four credit card pockets and one zipped pocket
Right Hand Details: notepad pocket, pen loop
Material Exterior + Interior : soft full grain buffalo leather with natural two tone colour
Height: 192mm
Width: 150mm
Depth: 50mm
Closure Detail: leather strap with branded metal poppercap
Ring Mech: 23mm
The organizer was wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve that I have placed somewhere around the house, but failed to find it. No, mine didn't come with a black, sleek Filofax embossed box. I am not sure why, but it doesn't matter.

I first saw it back in January when I got back to paper planning. My old Filofax Bond had the rings all rusted, so I started to look for a new one. Don't worry, Mr. Bond is still being used, just inside a cupboard holding all my previous diary entries.

I then laid eyes on the Malden when I was browsing through the Filofax website. It looked soft, but has texture that makes it look rustic. I proceed to read reviews saying that it has a floppy feel to it and lays flat with a little training. I thought to myself, "Sold. I'll get you one day."

Long story short, I got the purple Malden right now and have been using it for nearly two weeks. It came with week on two pages insert until December 2015, along with a few to dos and note paper. I won't be ordering any inserts from them as I prefer making my own to suit my needs.

Once I unwrapped it from the sleeve, it smells great and lays flat. Just like that. No training needed. I'm even more in love with it that I realize. The inside has the same material  as the outer part, which looks wrinkly and old just the way I like it. It didn't look this wrinkly when I first got it, I just made it super wrinkly. The rings are silver and tight, no gaps whatsoever.

On the left side are four card pockets and one zipped pocket. I usually store my stickers, paperclips and washi tape samples on this side. It just slides right in without any problems.

On the right side are one notepad sleeve and one pen loop. I don't usually use notepad at the back, but I do have them, just in case.

The pen loop is made from the same leather as the organizer, making it impossible to fit my 'fat' pens through. 

Aside from the ability to lay flat (and the scent!), what makes me fell in love with the Malden is the contrast stitching and strap on the stud closure. It has a pointy edge, which makes it unique since other Filofax organizers don't have it. 

It can be stuffed with loads of paper, but I don't like my planner to be overly bulky, so I keep the amount of paper to a minimum. Besides, I would hate to see the rings get overworked if it's stuffed. 

I am in love with this organizer, pockets and all. It fits into my hand bag, although it is currently staying at home. It looks and feel rustic with all the wrinkly leather. I just love it! Have you tried using a Filofax Malden? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Filofax Malden Personal Purple
SGD 228
Bought at Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City

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