Monday, June 29, 2015

NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar Review and Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ A couple of months ago, Kylie Jenner took the internet by storm when she posted her thick, luscious lips for all to see. I'm not someone who is following the current trend, but she wore a shade of mauve that caught my eye.

Mauve shade lipsticks have never been in my collection, so all the more reason for me to try it, lol. I tried finding the picture of Kylie wearing that shade of lipstick, but I can't. However, I can tell you that after hours of searching online, I found out that she was wearing Brave from MAC.

photo credit to DupeThat

Since I didn't want to spend tons of moolah on a lipstick that I am not sure of, I went to look for the dupe for said lipstick from MAC and found one from NYX called Whipped Caviar. Needless to say, I purchased it almost immediately.

When I received the lipstick, there is a plastic seal outside it to indicate its 'freshness' status. I took it off because it has been weeks since I use this lipstick. Yup. I'm using a matte lipstick on a (nearly) daily basis. *slow clap for self*

There is a sticker for the name of the shade underneath the lipstick casing. The lipstick casing is quite different compared to some of others I have in my collection. Similar to that of the NYX Butter Lipstick, it has a small transparent window to view the color.

Whipped Caviar is a dominant mauve lipstick that has a hint of reddish brown. At least, that's how I saw it when I swatched it on the back of my hand. Hopefully, the photo above can show how mauve-y it is after hours of editing it.

On my lips, it combined with the natural reddish brown color of my lips, so it balances out the mauve tones nicely. Despite it being matte in nature, it doesn't drag on my lips and doesn't dry out my lips like crazy. The lipstick has a nice pigmentation that it gives an opaque finish with just one to two swipes. It stays longer compared to buttery/moisturizing lipstick, but it will still be gone with a (full on greasy) meal. 

Having tried the mauve shade, I am now curious with MAC Brave and whether it is similar to Whipped Caviar. What do you think of it, lovelies? Have you tried Whipped Caviar or Brave? Let me know in the comment section below, so I can decide on purchasing MAC. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

NYX Matte Lipstick shade Whipped Caviar
around Rp 90,000 - 100,000
Bought mine at an online shop, but I forgot whose

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum Review

Hello, lovelies~ I posted a photo of a vitamin C serum that I have been using lately, asking if you know the name of the brand. 

As promised, I have a review on that said vitamin C and the brand name is Votre Peau. What makes me excited about this is that it is my friend's skincare line, dr. Kevin Maharis, BMedSc. I went to med school with him back in 2003 until we graduated five years ago. He also has his own clinic called Maharis Clinic, but I'll tell you about that in a different blog post, yeah?

Onto the vitamin C serum, it has one of the most adorable illustrations on the box that I have ever seen in a local brand. I just immediately want lemonade with ice to drink right now. There is a list of ingredients on the side of the box as well.

The source of vitamin C in this serum is Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which is a type of vitamin C that is water stable and light stable. This means that it doesn't degrade (gets destroyed) as fast as other types of vitamin C inside the bottle. This serum uses Disodium EDTA as the preservative in place of the conventional parabens. Thickeners and solvents are also used to make the consistency of the serum right.

Inside the box is an opaque pump bottle with a sticker label complete with the product's information. I love that dr. Kevin uses pumps instead of jar because you know how I am with double dipping even with clean fingers, lol. It also helps keep the Vitamin C out of air exposure, hence keeping the freshness for a longer period of time.

The serum has a gel-like consistency that sinks into my skin quite fast. It leaves no greasy residue behind, not even slight stickiness. It is a transparent gel without any overwhelming scent. Unlike any other vitamin C serum I've tried in the past, I didn't break out from this one.

Unfortunately, I don't have a before after photo for comparison as my skin is behaving lately and gave no acne. I do feel that my skin texture is smoother and softer after around three weeks of using this serum. It has no fragrance, so it is suitable for my sensitive skin. I'll update this post once I have acne :))

What do you think of this serum, lovelies? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments what you think about it. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum 
Rp 180,000
Available at @votre_peau (Instagram) 

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Bless Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin Review

Hello, lovelies~ I am currently weaning off my retinoids, so I am looking for a moisturizer to use at night. After a long and tedious search, I opted to try a local brand called Bless that has helped treat my problematic acne skin back when I was in junior high. They have a range specifically made for sensitive (or so they claim), so I tried it out.

The box has a white and light blue theme, complete with the ingredients and information of the product. There is also an expiration date printed on the back of the box, precisely on the corner bottom right. The moisturizer is placed inside a squeeze tube with a flip cap on the end.

While there is no general consensus of sensitive skin in dermatology, it is usually specified as having no fragrance inside the product. The moisturizer boasts its suitability for sensitive skin, so let's check out the ingredients.

I skimmed the ingredient list and found that it is indeed fragrance-free, yeay! Right after the solvent and emulsifier (isohexadecane, steareth-2, steareth-21, sodium gluconate), it has emollients that moisturizes the skin (isononyl isononanoate and ammonium lactate). To make it the skin smooth to the touch, it utilizes the role of silicones (cetearyl dimethicone crosspolymer, decamethlycyclopentasiloxane, and cyclohexasiloxane). To add more moisture to the skin , it adds humectant (glycerin and sodium lactate) that helps draw moisture from the environment into the skin. Since there is a mix of emollients and water, there is carbormer to prevent liquids and solids from separating.  There is sodium hydroxide to keep the pH in the right range.  Allantoin is added to this moisturizer maybe as a skin softening agent as that is how allantoin usually works. As for the preservatives, it uses disodium EDTA, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, and propylparaben. For my sensitive skin, it is suitable as it is absent from any fragrances and essential oils.

There are no colorants as well, which is always a plus in my book. I never quite understood the point of dyeing the creams aside for aesthetic purposes. The lotion is white with a slightly runny consistency, just slightly. It blends easily without dragging my skin and sinks in without a heavy feeling of greasiness afterwards. 

I have used it for around two to three weeks and my skin loves it. There are no current acne, redness, or itchiness when I use it. It kinda reminds me of the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, but less greasy. Have you tried this moisturizer from Bless? Let me know in the comments what you think about it. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Bless Facial Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin
Available in most drugstores and supermarket (Guardian, Century, Bless counter, Carrefour, etc)
Rp 70,000 for 40 grams

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Hada Labo CC Cream Ultimate Whitening Review and Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ As much as I love Rachel K's CC cream, I do love trying out other CC creams from different brands. Honestly, I don't find any difference between BB creams and CC creams so far, except for the Korean CC creams that is white. Those change colors and tend too be to light for my skin tone. 

I found a CC cream a few weeks ago when I was shopping for groceries at Carrefour. It is from Hada Labo, a well known Japanese drugstore brand that boasts its fragrance-free products, which my skin likes. Without giving it a second thought, I bought it out of curiosity at Rp 70,000 (I forgot exactly how much).

The outer box has a reflective packaging and has all of the ingredients listed on the back. Inside the box, there is a white squeeze tube with a twist off cap at the end. The tube reminds me of the BB cream from Skin Aqua. I like how small it is, so it can fit into my makeup bag without any trouble whatsoever.

Titanium dioxide and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate is used as a sunscreen ingredient to ward off any UV rays. A combination of dimethicone, simethicone, and silica is used to create a smooth finish to the skin.  As for the whitening ingredients, niacinamide and arbutin is used. To lock in the moisture, the CC cream uses paraffinum liquidum or mineral oil. However, it also contains talc to absorb any excess oil on the skin, so it balances each other out, I guess. It also contains sodium hyaluronate for the moisturizing ingredient. As for preservatives, it uses propylparaben, methylparaben propylene glycol, and diazolidinyl urea.

I bought the shade Elegant Beige, which is the darker shade out of the two available. It has a yellow undertone that isn't too overwhelming. It conceals the redness on my cheeks, chin and on the edges of my nose naturally. I applied it with Real Techniques Expert Face brush because it gives a seamless and natural finish.

The CC cream doesn't feel heavy on my face and it gives a satin finish, in between dewy and matte. I like that it doesn't cling to the dry areas on my face. I know some BB or CC creams exaggerates the dry patches of skin on the face, despite it having a moisturizing property. It doesn't quite cover up my post acne marks that well, but it was only one layer in that picture.

The CC cream has an average oil control of around 2 hours on my combination skin. I always seal it with powder afterwards to ensure its longevity. I have been wearing it almost everyday now and I am thankful that there is an affordable drugstore CC cream in Indonesia. 

Have you tried this CC cream from Hada Labo? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Hada Labo CC Cream Ultimate Whitening Elegant Beige
Available at Carrefour, Guardian, Watsons
around Rp 70,000 - Rp 80,000
25 grams

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Soap and Glory Shower Collection

Hello, lovelies~ A few weeks ago, I posted on my Instagram account about one of my favorite brands in the body care category, which is none other than Soap and Glory. I first discovered this brand during one of my trips to Singapore back 2012 and got myself their hand cream

I have been wanting to try their other products, but since I always travel without extra luggage, I can't carry any liquids over 100 ml. I know that sounds like a stupid reason, but the truth is the truth, yo. :)

Imagine my excitement when I found out that Soap and Glory is already available in Sephora Indonesia. As soon as I reached the shelf, I just wanted to bring each product home. I'm sure they'll be happy sitting on the shelf in my bathroom.

Fortunately, I received three items from Sephora Indonesia for review purposes (thank you!), so I'll be reviewing each of them in this blog post. It's gonna be a lengthy post filled with pictures, brace yourselves. :)

Soap and Glory Clean On Me
Packaged in a 500 ml pump bottle, it is convenient to dispense while in the shower, especially with slippery hands. No more fussing to open twist off bottle caps! I used this only during the night time because its scent (somehow) luls me to sleep.

The consistency of this shower gel is creamy, almost like a lotion when it's pumped right out of the bottle. It produces enough lather, but doesn't dry out my skin because of the additional moisturizer. One of the best things I like from this shower gel is the girly, floral, and citrusy scent dubbed as the Original Pink.

Soap and Glory Flake Away

Truth be told, I wasn't too excited with this product until the moment I caught the scent. It is almost similar to the Clean on Me shower gel, but more citrusy. I love it! Using sea salt and peach seed powder as the main exfoliants, it scrubs away all the dry, flaky skin on my shins and elbow.

Soap and Glory Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream 

This section should be titled revisited because I have reviewed it a long time ago here. This could very well be one of my favorite hand creams because of the Original Pink scent. It's sweeter than Clean On Me, so it lifts my mood whenever I needed a pick-me-up. Its non greasy finish is why I love it, too.

I'm waiting for next month to purchase the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter as I've exhausted my skincare budget for this month. I'm sure that it would be awesome as the name implies. In the mean time, I will be enjoying these products and their sweet citrusy floral scent. Have you tried any products from Soap and Glory? Let me know in the comments below and as always, I'll see you later~

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel
Soap and Glory Flake Away
Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream
prices to be updated soon

All available in Sephora

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Beyond Angel Aqua Cream Review

Hello, lovelies~ Remember the post I did on Beyond Angel Aqua Trial Set? You don't? Well, no worries, you can read this post right here. As I have mentioned in that post, I enjoyed using the Angel Aqua cream on my combination (at the moment). Although it is waster based, if you have a very oily skin, it would be a good idea to test it out with the trial size.

I thought I would do a separate blog post on the cream because I am head over heels in love with it. Seriously. It would have been a perfect score if only it wasn't packaged in a jar. I don't like dipping my fingers into the jelly-like texture of the cream, even if I had already washed them. I prefer squeeze tubes, but that is just a personal preference.

The cream is free from parabens, mineral oils, petrolatum, fragrance and ethanol. Yes! My skin thanks this list of ingredients because sometimes they add alcohol (the ethanol kind) into these types of gel-like creams to add the cooling effect. What I'm surprised to see is the Broccoli extract. It's just fun to read.

It contains a blend of oils and butters, which makes it suitable to those having combination skin since it would be moisturizing to the dry areas. I wouldn't recommend it for those with oily to very oily skin (according to the Baumann system) because the Shea butter may be too moisturizing. Squalene is present for added moisturizing properties although I am intrigued to find out if it is from fish, what with it being against animal testing and all. 

Despite it being called a cream, its texture is lighter than one that it resembles a jelly appearance. It has a light blue tint that is almost transparent. There is a slight scent, but not overpowering at all to me. It spreads easily on my skin and heavily reminds me of Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack, but this is slightly thicker in consistency.

This cream is definitely on my repurchase list should this one run out. I just wished that it comes in a squeeze tube rather than a jar. The ingredients are good combinations of moisturizing ingredients without any stickiness or greasiness. Love it.

Have you tried any products from their Angel Aqua collection? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Beyond Angel Aqua Cream
Rp 349,000 / 100 ml (3.38 fl oz.)
Available in Beyond counters, I got mine at Beyond Emporium Pluit

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