Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blog Sale

Hello, lovelies~ I cleaned my makeup closet the other day, yeaay! There are some items that I would like to sell since I no longer use them due to consistency and/or shade. These are for Indonesian address only. Once sold, I will delete the item.

Beyond True Eco Toner, first essence, emulsion dan pouch kecil (Brand New)
Rp 35,000

Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash (Brand New)
Rp 80,000 (untuk kulit kering)
Expiry Date 08/16

Aussie Miraculously Smooth Styling Mousse (80%)
Expiry Date 12/2015
Rp 65,000

Beyond The God of Patches Bye-bye to Facial Wrinkles (Brand New)
Expiry Date 20160609
Rp 50,000

Beyond The God of Patches Bye-bye to Sagging Pores (Brand New)
Expiry Date 20150815
Rp 40,000

BRTC Jasmine Waterful CC Cream (Brand New)
Rp 150,000

Dolly Wink Mascara Volume (Brand New)
Rp 170,000

My Beauty Diary 2-Step Deep Pore Cleansing Pack (Brand New) 
Expiry Date 2017.06.30
Rp 35,000

Pure Vivi Cleansing Lotion (70%)
Opened January 2015
Rp 120,000

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (Brand New)
Expiry Date 10/2016
Rp 110,000

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet ( 70%)
Expiry Date October 2015
Rp 75,000

  • Kalau ada yang berminat bisa langsung email ke dengan format nama, alamat, nmr HP, dan barang yang diminati. 
  • Email tidak untuk bertanya karena beberapa barangnya juga baru dan belum aku coba. Reviewnya bisa dicari di google ya. :)
  • No booking. Siapa cepat dia dapat.
Thank you~

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Beauty Products that Didn't Work for Me (pt. 4)

Hello, lovelies~ I'm back with another blog post series that seemed to do well effortlessly. As you know I love to try out new products, so there is bound to be some that just didn't work out for my skin. This is my fourth post in this series, but if you want to check out the previous ones, you can do so by clicking, here, here, and here.

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream
I have been wanting this product for the longest time. I think it was when it was released because of the jelly consistency. However, when I got to try it, I was disappointed that the color wasn't a match to my skin tone and I have bought the darkest shade. *sob*

Marina BB Cream
I bought this at a local supermarket one day just for kicks. Kinda hoping that it would be medicore, just so we have a local BB cream product without having to purchase one overseas. Sadly, the shade has a grey undertone, kinda like the SKIN79 Hot Pink, but 5 times the amount of grey.

Catrice All Matt Compact Powder
It certainly does mattify my skin, but only for an hour and half, more or less. It doesn't compare with my Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.

Purevivi Cleansing Lotion
I thought this was going to replace my Bioderma Sensibio H2O, but it can't. My skin rejected it by erupting small pimples on my cheeks. :(

Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion
This is the one single thing that I don't understand as it broke me out at the moment. I used to apply this after washing my face without any problems. I'm not sure if it is a reformulation problem or a simple dud.

Beyond Angel Aqua Toner
Another toner that is yet to satisfy my picky combination skin. I like the consistency and how it sinks right into the skin, but it broke me out. Shame.

Ellips Hair Vitamin
If you have thick and/or colored hair, silicone-based hair products is usually not a problem for you. As for my fine hair, that is nothing but trouble as it clings on the hair shaft, making it more limp faster. This makes my hair limper than it already is despite it being applied on the ends of my hair.

As per usual, it doesn't mean that it won't work on your skin or hair because everyone has a different skin type and/or skin reactions towards certain chemicals and/or essential oils. Do you have the same products that doesn't work for your skin? Comment down below~ Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Oral Medicine for Acne

Hello, lovelies~ Another skincare post that I bet looks boring to some of you, especially those without acne their whole life. I have been battling with acne ever since I was in the fourth grade, so yeah, I do understand your pain, acne-sufferers. *pats your back*

I have mentioned treatments for acne that are applied topically or directly onto the skin in this blog post. However, I didn't mention oral medication for acne since I wanted to keep the blog post short and simple, even though it is long to begin with, hehehe. 

One of the most commonly used type of oral medication would have to be antibiotics. Despite the many causes of acne, bacterial infection by P. acne is one of the most common causes. The idea? Rid the infection from the skin and voila! Au revoir, acne~

Birth Control Pills
One of the causes of acne may be hormone imbalances, so what better way to correct it than by using low dose hormone pills. Wait, where does one get hormone pills? The answer is birth control pills. Used in low dose and under physcian supervision, these can help those who deal with hormonal acne.

Supplements (Zinc, Probiotics, etc)
This is what I used after a regimen of antibiotics for maintenance. There are many supplements out there in the market, claiming to do good to the skin and reduce those blemishes. The only ones I've tried so far is Zinc and Probiotics. I've written a lengthy blog post on each of them, so just click here for Zinc and here Probiotics.

The last secret weapon in battling acne is an oral form of retinoid called isotretinoin. Dialing down the activity of sebaceous glands, this medicine is able to rid the skin from acne. The catch? The side effects. There's dry skin, dry mucus membranes (that's your eyes), headaches, back pain, muscle pain, and increase blood glucose. Depression and anxiety are one the rare symptoms, but still possible.

Patients who are still in their teenage years are not advised to use this drug since it has a tendency to stop long bone growth as cited in this article. Those who are planning on having a child or is currently pregnant is absolutely prohibited from consuming this drug as it is teratogenic in nature. In other words, it kills the fetus (baby) without any mercy. *insert scary sound*

Remember, this is the last drug should all else fails. If you decided to take it, remember to always use it under your doctor's supervision and monitor your blood levels as it has a slight tendency to increase your triglyceride levels. That's cholesterol. 

My suggestion is to start from the basics if you're new to oral acne medications, namely antibiotics and supplements. However, if that doesn't work, you can try consulting to the dermatologist about other medical procedures such as lasers, light therapy, or chemical peelings. Should those treatments fail as well, talk to your dermatologist about isotretinoin or Accutane (brand) as your last resort.

I hope this helps those of you out there searching for other acne medications to ail those blemishes. What have you tried before to diminish your acne? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear you story! Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Review and Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ I have delayed this review ever since January for some reason that I have already forgotten, lol. Anyway, here is what I think about the concealer.

The concealer is packaged in a black box with the NARS inscription on it. Unfortunately, I have already lost the box during the major drawer cleanup in February. The concealer has a clear plastic bottle with a black twist off cap. It has a doe foot applicator that you would find in a lipgloss.

The shade I bought is Custard, which is a light to medium beige shade with a yellow undertone. The consistency is on the thicker side, but spreads easily on my skin. It blends effortlessly within seconds with or without a brush.

Notice how my sun spot on my left cheek is concealed.
A more close up look

It gives a medium coverage, able to cover my active acne without looking cakey. However, it feels heavy under my eyes, despite it being able to cover my under eye circles wonderfully. The longevity of this concealers ranges around 4-5 hours, if set with powder afterwards.

Overall, it is a good concealer to use on my sun spot and acne spots, but not so much on my dark circles since it tends to cake. Blending it is easy and doesn't really require a sponge or a brush for it to sink into the skin.

Have you tried this concealer from NARS? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
Bought at the Singapore Duty Free shop
I forgot the exact price, but I think it was around the SGD $35.00 price range.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Colourpop Lippie Stix Review and Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ Aside from loving foundation to bits, lip products are categorized as one of my downfalls in the makeup world. One of the recent lipstick brand that has taken the makeup world by storm has to be Colourpop.

I don't know much about the background to these brands, except that they workd with some beauty bloggers for some of the shades. One of the most popular one is Creature, which is developed together with Eugenie Grey of the blog Feral Creature.

There are quite a number of shades to choose from, but I opted for the bright shades because darker shades tend to age my appearance. Don't want that. >.<

Hailing from the USA, these lipsticks are made with the intent of giving a comfortable formula on the lips without costing an arm and a leg. The packaging came in a separate box that has a white color theme, giving the brand a crisp and chic look.

The lipstick case is a slim white case that is resembles a pen. The width of the diameter is comparable to that of a Sharpie. The bottom of the white case is the color of the lipstick shade along with the shade name printed on transparent sticker.

I bought three shades, namely Bossy, Fancy, and Fetch. There are other shades I would like to try out as well, one of them being Brink. However, I just bought a lot of lipsticks and haven't even finished one, so I'm trying my hardest not to.

The shade  Fetch and Fancy comes in a satin formula, which has a creamy feel to my lips and looks almost matte since it does have the tiniest hint of shine. It is doesn't feel drying on my lips, but it does sink into the fine lines of my lips.

Fetch is in the pink color family that is on the warmer side, where Fancy is a bright coral that leans slightly on the orange side. Yup, I'm still trying to pull off orange shades on my lips, what do you think?

The last shade I bought is Bossy that has a matte formula, which is (surprisingly) not drying on my lips. I feel that most matte lipstick just sits there on my lips sucking the moisture out of it. Not this one, though. It feels comfortable and last quite a long time. Bossy is a blue red that is almost similar to what I would call a Snow-White-Red.

These lipsticks disappears after I eat a hefty, greasy meal, no surprise there. However, it would last longer if I were to eat just snacks (popcorn and such) only. The matte formula has a longer staying power compared to the satin ones. If I were to leave them on their own (without food and drinks), it survived a solid 4 hours.

Overall, these lipsticks feel great on my lips (even the matte one) despite it sinking into the fine lines. However, it can be fixed with using a lip primer beforehand, so no problem there. There are plenty of shades to choose from, ranging from MLBBs to fierce looking ones.

How about you? Have you tried any of the following Lippie Stix? Let me know in the comments what shade you have or thinking to get, so I can also get the gist of what to get next, hehehe.. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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Friday, April 17, 2015

NYX Butter Lipstick Pops Review and Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ Ever since I found out that my favorite lipstick from Revlon is no longer available here, I started searching for its alternative. The shade I'm looking for is one that falls into the category of MLBBs or My Lips But Better shades. My old Revlon shade is the Colorstay 200 Natural Cashmere.

After a few sessions of researching online and looking at over a million and one swatches, I've narrowed down my decision to two products. One of them is this NYX Butter lipstick in the shade Pops.

The lipstick has a simple case with a small transparent plastic in the middle to make it easy to see the shade. There is also a sticker label with the shade name on the bottom of the lipstick case. I'm not sure, but I think the color of the casing resembles the shade slightly.

The lipstick has a creamy consistency that doesn't dry out my lips when it's applied. It glides on easily and gives an opaque shade with just one swipe. The color is almost similar to my lips, so I like wearing it for everyday.

The longevity of this lipstick is the same as most moisturizing lipsticks where it disappears after eating a meal. It's not as slippery as NYX Chunky Dunk and it has a satin finish with a little bit of shine.

Overall, I have found my MLBB lipstick in another brand and is super duper loving it! The formula doesn't dry out my lips and it stays as long as I don't have any meal that day. I heard that this is a dupe for NARS Audacious Lipstick in shade Anita, but I wouldn't know about it since I don't own the NARS one.

How about you? Have you tried NYX Butter lipsticks? Have you found your MLBB lipstick? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops
Bought it at
Rp 90,000 (ex. shipping)
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