Monday, March 16, 2015

My Planner Supplies

Hello, lovelies~ I have fallen in love with pen and paper again. Not that I'm ever out of love with them. I find that I have been more productive if the plans are written on paper, rather than being in an app. Somehow, I would disregard them, lol.

In this blog post, I want to share the things I use for my planners and some of my supplies that I haven't really gotten around to using. My current planner is one from Rados, a local brand that is usually found in Gramedia. This is my third ring-bound planner in my ever-growing collection. It's a beautiful shade of blue.

Wouldn't be able to write without it, right? I used to color code, but it got overwhelming since I keep on misplacing the colorful pens, so I switched to just one color. I am currently in love with gel pens like the ones below which I got from Tokopedia. They're only Rp 7,000 ($ 0.50) a piece! >.<
The second pen from the right is Rp 7000.

Sticky Notes
This is one of my favorite ways to remind myself to buy groceries. I would write the grocery list here and stick it on my weekly schedule. My favorite brand is Post-Its and other cute ones that I got mainly from Scoop.

Washi Tapes
One of the new discoveries I made as I advance in the world of planning. These are basically just decorative tapes that help to make a page look more interesting. I use it to make borders, but the options are just endless! My favorite washi tape is one from MT, bought from Gudily at Plaza Indonesia (or online).

Adorable Stickers
I think I am turning into a sticker addict. I know it has no productivity function, but it looks cute and adorable inside my planner. The pages gave me a fun atmosphere to look at and motivates me to keep to my schedule. I bought it at Gramedia, Toys Kingdom, ebay, and random stationery stores.

Magnetic Bookmarks
As much as I love ordinary bookmarks, I don't like it if my paper is crumpled and torn. I prefer magnetic bookmarks because of that reason. I bought the butterflies at Office 1 Superstore and the fox over at Scoop.

Dot Stickers
Even though I said previously I ditched the color coding system, I didn't really leave it entirely. I still use color dot stickers to indicate some weekly activity. I got the dot stickers from Gramedia for just Rp 8,500. I think it will last me a long time.

These are my staples, aside from the usual scissors, double tape, and glue, of course. What is your planner staple? Share down below in the comments. I would love to get more ideas on how to maximize planner potential, lol. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. seneng lihat fotonyaaaa. warnanya cantik-cantik :)

  2. Phanie!! Seneng liat isi planner lo!! Sama gw juga lebih suka "tertulis" dan lagi ketagihan sama sticker juga. Di toko mainan sebelah Mother Care Pacific Place ada tuh sticker lucu2, bisa buat planner juga ^^

    1. Hi, Carryn~ Tertulis rasanya lebih greget dan nyata ya *halah* Wah, bisa nitip nyokap nih kalo di PP, hasek~ ^_^

  3. Aaaa aku jugaa suka nulis pake spidol warna-warni terus kegiatannya udah di grouping gituu.. hehehe.. Tapi sekarang lagi males soalnya monoton aja acara -_-.
    Nanti kalo udah idup sendiri lebih kepake nih pasti, soalnya sekarang semuanya masih ada mami yang ngurusin XD

    1. Hi, Vani~ Aku pake buat ngingetin kapan scrubbing, shave, dll, pokoknya ke beauty routine yang beberapa hari sekali. Ga semuanya buat groceries, meski beli groceries udah dari SMA juga, hehehe.. ^_^