Wednesday, December 31, 2014

3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color #5 Dazzling Review and Swatch

Hello, lovelies~ It's New Year's Eve! In just a 14 hours, we will soon enter a new year that will be filled with new hopes and dreams. So, while we're all waiting for that fireworks display tonight, why don't I share with you a lipstick review?

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) is a beauty brand from Korea that has a wide array of products from skincare, makeup all the way to body care. It is a part of the famous apparel brand, STYLENANDA. I have always wanted to try their products because they look exquisite and chic. I'm pretty sure you're already familiar with it. :)

A few weeks ago, I ordered a Creamy Lip Color #5 Dazzling from an online shop. They had the last stock on that shade, lucky! The lipstick came in a glossy black box, making it look sleek and stylish. Apparently, black is the color scheme because the lipstick casing also happens to be black.

I couldn't find any list of ingredients on the side of the box, so I'll have to scour the web for it. There wasn't any seal on the outer box, but the is a black paper seal on the lipstick casing to indicate its brand new state.

The lipstick bullet is a flat type, not the pointed one. It does make it less precise when I apply it on my lips, but nothing a lip brush won't fix. :)

Dazzling is a rose-toned shade with a hint of beige that gives warmth to my complexion. It's almost identical to my natural lip color, but slightly lighter in color. See the glossy, shiny finish?

Left : Bare Lips ; Right : 3CE Creamy Lip Color #5 Dazzling (one swipe)

Once I applied it on my lips, it instantly gives an opaque finish with just one swipe. It stayed true to its name being creamy and not drying on my lips at all. It has a glossy finish, eliminating the need to apply lip gloss afterwards. With its creamy nature comes its downfall, the longevity. It disappears right after I consume a meal or beverage. I would need to reapply it, but this is not a problem for me.

I know that this is an old product from 3CE, but I just wanted to let you know what I think about it. Do let me know if you have tried any other products from 3CE and which would you recommend. Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in a Nutshell

Hello, lovelies~ Tomorrow is the last day of 2014, so I thought I'd take you guys down memory lane of what has happened on this blog for the past year. 

I got my first circle lens that I have been wanting to try. 

I discovered one of my favorite foundations from the drugstore other than Revlon Colorstay. 

Mr. G & I tried out a gimmicky ice cream at Grand Indonesia. 

We got engaged and took a fun pre-wed photo

Mr. G & I got married after 11 years of loving one another 

I finally got the infamous brush set from Real Techniques 

That was all of my memorable experience during 2014. I am thankful to have loving friends, both offline and online. This blog wouldn't have been the same without you, lovelies~ *sniff*

Ok, I'm all mopey now. I hope you all have a great holidays with your family and friends. I wish you nothing but the best for the coming year! Until then, I'll see you later~

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Paude Mask Review


Hello, lovelies~ Ever since I found out that my skin produces more oil that it should have, I became friends with clay masks. I feel that it helps refresh my skin, especially after a long day outdoors where my oil became

A few weeks ago, I was offered to review an all natural face mask from Gulaco called Paude Mask. The owner explained that it was a clay mask, so I agreed to try it out. Thank you, Gulaco.

The clay masks is packaged inside a round tin with a twist off lid that is quite secure. It also has a plastic seal that surround the whole tin can, but I ripped it apart already. Sorry about that. :)

There are three varieties to the Paude Masks, able to cater to different skin types. Its ingredients are mostly natural, a combination mineral clays and ground oats along with essential oils. There are no parabens, alcohols, or the likes, so it's a green light for my skin.

Despite my love for sheet masks, I  prefer wash off (especially clay masks) masks when my skin is producing more oils than usual. I find that it absorbs my excess oils without being too drying on my skin.

To 'concoct' this mask, I combined one teaspoon mask and two tablespoons liquid. I use a selection of mineral water, cooled green tea, or even honey. It just depends on my mood and skin condition that day.

After mixing it for 10-15 seconds, the mixture is starting to resemble a paste-like consistency, not too thick or runny. Kinda like baby food or porridge. I applied it to my face with a brush and leave it for 10 minutes. I wash it off when the mask is half dry as instructed by Gulaco. I tried leaving to dry and all I experience is intense itchiness all over.


I'll start with my (suprisingly) least favorite, Sambiloto variant targeted to reduce acne. It has a leafy, herbal scent that is too strong for my liking.

There is a slight itchiness while the mask is on my face right after application. Unfortunately, my skin dislikes this variant as it made my acne more inflamed and redder.

The next one is claimed to give smooth and soft skin from the Kelor variant. With a floral scent, this mask is the gentlest of the three.

I had a chemical peel a couple of days ago and applying this mask soothes my skin and reduces any redness. It also moisturizes even after I rinsed it off with water.

The last one is my favorite from the Mangosteen variant that removes blackheads and minimizes pores with its fruity, floral scent.

I haven't noticed any reduction of blackheads using this, but I'll try to report back when I've used it for a full month. However, I do feel that it's easier to extract the blackheads myself after using this mask. Don't extract your blackheads at home without professional help ya~

While rinsing, I can exfoliate with the ground oats inside the mask, making it efficient as it is both a mask and a mild scrub. All three masks inject moisture back to my skin right after it has been rinsed off with water.

Overall, the clay masks removes excess oil on my face without being too harsh, thanks to the essential oils. In short, here's what I think about the masks :

  • They're fragrant, which helps relaxes me more when using it
  • My excess oil is removed gently
  • It can be slightly itchy when left for too long *guilty*
  • A two in one product; a face mask & a face scrub
  • My face is smooth and soft afterwards~
  • All natural ingredients. Made from mineral clays, oats and essential oils.
  • No parabens, alcohols, and mineral oil *yeay*

So, I hope this helps you to figure out which is more suitable to your skin condition. Have you tried any of the masks? The info on where to buy this is at the bottom of this post, so be sure to check it out. Let me know in the comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Paude Masks
Instagram : @gulaco
LINE : gulaco
Whatsapp : 087883284318

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Favorite Anime 2014

Hello, lovelies~ It's the day after Christmas. Did you enjoy your Christmas yesterday? Got a lot of presents maybe? I didn't get presents, but I gave lots, yeay~ Anyway, since the year is coming to an end, I wanted to post my favorite anime of 2014. Here they are.

Oh, they're not in order of favorite, just random.

Wake Up, Girls!

A bunch of girls trying to reach fame by joining in an idol group. It gives a rough picture on how idols make their way to the top, although maybe it's not like that in reality. I don't know.

Gin no Saji 2nd Season

It's all about livestock, crops and how to manage all of it. I watched the first season, so naturally, I like the easy going, no stress plot.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Roughly translated to "Engaged to the Unidentified". Yep, 'unidentified' as in UFOs and stuff. An ordinary girl got engaged to a boy, who turned out to be more than just human. It's funny, stress-free, but can be a little draggy sometimes. Still enjoyable, though.


I'm not usually into plot-heavy anime, but put in a god of calamity in the mix and you got me hooked. It's a well balance of fun and serious as the god of calamity is now a god of I'll-do-anything-for-5-yen, lol.

Isshuukan Friends

A nichijou type anime that leans towards romance-comedy. It sure is hard falling in love with someone, especially if that someone can only remember you for a week. Yup, the heroine's memories got deleted every Monday, leaving the hero puzzled on how to make her remember him every week. Sweet and memorable.

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?

One of my favorite anime to watch if I want to watch something cute with a light plot. It's just filled with cute girls working at different cafes in that town. Total eye candy.


Another funny anime with a survivor game theme. It gives off the same vibe as the last season's Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3 (Shiikyuubu) , minus the drama. 


Get your naruko ready and enter the world of yosakoi! The OP is fun and catchy, I find myself humming to it all day when it was still airing. It is about a group of girls starting their own yosakoi club at school.

Ao Haru Ride

This anime brings me back to the first time I like someone. It's just such a sweet anime that kinda reminds me of Kimi ni Todoke, but with a faster pace. The chemistry between them is just cute and sweet and ... It just brings me back to my high school days! Being stupid, falling in love and the likes~

Sakura Trick

Two close friends who shares everything, including kisses. This is what I want to see from Hidamari Sketch and Yuru Yuri. Embrace it, lol.


The opposite of Sakura Trick. Just watch it. This is one of the sweetest, most heart warming BL I've ever watched. ^_^

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

A girl who meets with her crush, who turned out to be the author of her favorite manga. He uses her and his friends as manga material as he is partially clueless about romance and the likes. 

Denki-gai Honya-san

Drama around the workplace that is the manga store. It's a laid back anime with light story, just the anime I watch to feel less stressed at the end of the day.

Amagi Brilliant Park

A boy is offered a job at the worst amusement park ever, but there is more behind it than meets the eye. With eye pleasing graphics, this may just be one of my favorite anime of the year. Moffle-san is cute and adorable!

Gugure Kokkuri-san

The heroine likes to eat instant ramen (like me!). Aside from that, she called a fox spirit, who turned out to haunt her. By haunt, I mean take care of her in her daily life. When he transformed into a fox, it is sooooooo cute and fluffy!


Originally from a manga in the late 80s, it tells a story of a boy who got a parasyte into his body. However, he managed to block it from taking over his brain, making him live peacefully with the parasyte that is now his right hand. Filled with action and drama, I find it hard to dislike this anime.

Zankyou no Terror

Again, not usually a fan of heavy plot animes, but this one starts me off right. It gives off puzzles during the first three to four episodes that makes me think along. One of the songs called is by Yoko Kano (feat pop etc) where they ride the bike into the dark of night. Love it!

I watched other anime, but those I dropped didn't make it into this list. A few are SOUL EATER NOT, Nisekoi, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. Oh, I am in no way an expert on anime, I just enjoyed watching them. I don't know the seiyuu or writers, just pure enjoyment. :)

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello, lovelies~ Merry Christmas~ I hope you get to spend your Christmas with your loved ones this year. I just wanted to write a quick post announcing the winner of the giveaway.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the participation during this giveaway. Since there were many who didn't complete the task, the entries were only two between Cella & Muttia. After drawing it using a piece of paper, the winner of all the wonderful gifts is...

Cella! Congratulations! Please email me your shipping address to within 1x24 hours or I will hand over the prizes to the other entry. :)

As for the others, do not worry because I have another giveaway coming up in January. For now, let's just have a nice holiday, yeah? Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nichijou : Sweater Weather

Hello, lovelies~ The rainy season is finally here to stay. It has been nothing but cloudy days all week long. I have a love-hate relationship with rainy days.  I love the rain, no doubt, but the flood that usually comes after it is not fun in any way, shape, or form.

I took lots of pictures because the sun was concealed behind the clouds, softening the light needed for photos. Lately, I have been loving light sweaters, particularly this one. It feels soft on my skin and it's not itchy. That's like the most important thing I look for in a sweater. If it itches, then goodbye!

I paired the sweater with a polka dot skirt and my favorite ribbon nude wedges. This is one of my favorite shoes to wear with any dress because the rounded edge with the ribbon on top makes it cute. However, this is slowly dying on me, so I need to get a new one. *sings sad departing song*

You can see how annoyed I was on the far right pic
Obviously some didn't make the cut, but I thought I'd include it anyway to show you how it can be annoying to have winds during the photo shoot. The wind was strong that my eyes were dry most of the time. Nonetheless, I had a great time taking outfit pictures lately, despite the lack of fashion sense, lol.

Shiro, my dog, has no more treats at home, so Mr. G & I went to Artha Gading Mall to get some. We tend to gravitate towards slightly hard-textured treats, so it won't go off as fast as the chewy ones. Yeah, weird logic. Anyway, these are some of the treats we usually got her. Since this is a treat, she doesn't get it often. :)

There was a bazaar at Kelapa Gading Mall last week and I have to find out about it when we reached there. There were a lot of people at the booths and stands, scattered around Gading Walk and right in front Paperclip. We got lunch before we searched the mall for a 2015 planner.

We went to Scoop and right back to Paperclip because Scoop ran out of agendas. Boo. No matter, we needed to walk after our big lunch, anyway. I got my planner that I'm starting to regret right now because there were no monthly view. Before we went home, we stopped by Colette & Lola to get a few cakes.

By a few, I mean 6. I don't remember each and every single one of their name, but my favorite is the Jamaican Chocolate and After Dark. They both have liquor infusion that works well with the chocolate flavor. Yum! I didn't have the picture because I ate it, this one above is Oreo something.

So, that was my week getting anything but presents considering Christmas is coming up pretty soon. I didn't have plans this Christmas, but maybe we'll figure something out. How was your week?

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