Thursday, November 13, 2014

SK-II Special Gift For The Holidays

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Hello, lovelies~ I am not someone who has a good fashion sense. Heck, my daily outift is a plaid shirt and black pants. Okay, sometimes the pants may be grey. What I'm trying to say is I am someone who doesn't quite understand fashion. I understand comfortable clothes, lol.

Having that said, SK-II had a collaboration with four designers untuk meyambut acara holiday desember ini. Having heard the name Billy Tjong over and over from Endi, I was naturally intrigued to see his designs, so Endi and I went there.

To greet the festive season, SK-II worked with a famous designer, Po-Chih Huang, to create four beautifully designed bottles of the famous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. The floral illustrations on the bottle were inspired by the beautiful skin transformation using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. 

There were four types of flowers chosen by Po-Chih Huang, namely the red tulip, green cypress, purple hortensia, and yellow freesia. These flowers bear their own meaning in the language of flowers. SK-II also collaborated with fashion designers to create clothes based on the colors of each flowers.

Red Tulip

Dedicated to those who strive for perfection and living life to the fullest, the blossoming red tulip symbolizes vitality and a dynamic personality. Hian Tjen is the designer that creates the look off these vibrant color.

Green Cypress

Known for its strength and immortality, green pines symbolizes the image of wisdom and calm, making it a perfect gift for men. Mel Ahyar will be the designer responsible for creating edgy looks.

Purple Hortensia

The soft purple color engraved on the bottle symbolizes gratitude, making it perfect for your friend who is always there for you. Billy Tjong will be the designer making looks off these gorgeous flowers.

Yellow Freesia

The warm yellow color from freesia is the perfect symbolism for a woman with elegance and grace. The designer whose arts are inspired by these flowers is Andreas Odang.

So, if you're out of ideas on what to get your friends, stop by the SK-II counter and consider giving them the gift of everlasting beauty with these beautifully designed bottles of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I'll list off the prices below~

What do you think of these flowery illustrations? I am falling head over heels with the purple hortensia! Until then, I'll see you later~

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