Thursday, November 13, 2014

Post Operation LASIK

Hello, lovelies~ It has been a week since my LASIK surgery at Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Center, so I want to update you on my condition. I have been taking notes on twitter by using the hashtag #doapjShinagawa, so I won't lose track of anything important in the process. Here is my first week of recovery after LASIK.

1 hour after LASIK
My eyes were beginning to feel sore, so I took one tablet of sleeping pill before my nap. I put on my eye shields to protect from any accidental rubbing on them.

4 hours after LASIK
I woke up feeling much better without any soreness on my eyes. As I was searching for my glasses, I realized that I can see everything clearly. At that moment, I remembered that I just had LASIK, lol. I looked at the clock and realized that I overslept and missed lunch.

Mr. G got me a glass of water, took off my eye shields, and told me to eat the meal that he had cooked. He included some eggs to help the healing process because of the protein content. Awh. ^_^

5 hours after LASIK
I was able to watch some television, but got tired easily after 15 minutes of continuous watching. There were no more soreness or discomfort at this point while I applied my anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops. I use the lubricating eye drops once every 30 minutes because it felt dry.

8 hours after LASIK
I was craving for some ice cream, so we went to the supermarket. Even though it was 8 p.m. I wore my shades because regular lights were too bright for my eyes. There were glares and halos everywhere, but it wasn't too disturbing. I feel like everyone is looking at me for wearing shades inside the supermarket at night, lol. ^_^

Post op day 1 (6 November 2014)
Woke up with my hand on the table, looking for my glasses, only to find that I have clear vision. Yeah, for a brief second, I forgot that I had LASIK the day before. I took off my eye shields that I wore during bedtime and got myself ready to meet Dr. Lee.

At the clinic, my vision were measured before meeting Dr. Lee and~ It turned out to be 6/6 or 20/20 vision! Yeaaay~ Dr. Lee said I can even drive that day! I went home with a box of lubricating eye drops and a tube of eye gel (more on that later). I applied the eye drops (antibiotic & steroid) once very hour, along with the lubricating eye drops.

When I went to get dinner with Mr. G that night, there were lots of halos and glare from street lights. My eyes were also feeling dry, but no more soreness or pain whatsoever. This is great!

Post op day 2 (7 November 2014)
The dryness on my eyes are slightly reducing and not as bad as the day before. Despite all that, I still use the lubricating eye drops every 30 minutes because of Dr. Lee's recommendation considering I have dry eyes to begin with.

The glare are nearly gone, but the halos are still there whenever I see lights. The antibiotic drops and steroid drops are reduced to once every two hours.

Post op day 3 (8 November 2014)
I wasn't feeling too well because I stayed up late the other night, so I stayed at home watching TV. The drops are reduced to once every three hours, while the lubricating drops are still on the 30 minute mark.

Post op day 4 (9 November 2014)
We were gonna go to the Trick Eye Museum, but it was a Sunday, so we figured it was gonna be crowded, so we stayed home. We just got lunch from Tori-Q and watched TV. The drops are reduced to four times a day.

Post op day 5 (10 November 2014)
5 days after LASIK and no pain or soreness felt so far, which is a good thing! I still have to wear the eyeshields before bed, so I won't rub my eyes accidentally while I sleep.

Post op day 6 (11 November 2014)
Went for the final check up before leaving Singapore today. There were nearly no more problems with my eyes, aside from the dryness that was already there from the start. After being measured, Dr. Lee said that the corneal flaps are in place, no infection present, no swelling present, and reduced level of dryness. Also, my final measurement is 6/6 or 20/20!

This is the last day of using the antibiotic drops and steroid drops. Also, no more eye shields before bed time! Freedom!

Post op day 7 (12 November 2014)
Leaving Singapore today, so I packed all my medication in the usual ziplock bag for the airport. During the flight, I feel that my eyes were drier than usual, so I make sure that lubricate them using the eye drops.

When I reached Jakarta, it was piping hot at 33 C. One thing I noticed immediately is that my eyes are still sensitive to sunlight, so I put on my shades all through the journey home.

In conclusion, the only time I felt any soreness or pain is after the first hour of LASIK, which is normal, said Dr. Lee. It's like a tooth operation when it starts to hurt once the anesthesia wears off. Nothing a usual pain killer won't solve.

I will be making notes of my progress until my last check up in December with Dr. Lee. You can always see the hashtag #doapjShinagawa for more information and updates on my recovery.

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  1. Asiknyaaa yang gak perlu pakai kacamata lagiiii... :) ♥

    1. Hi, Yunita~ Iya, ga perlu bersihiin tiap beberapa menit, apalagi kalo abis makan mie. ^_^

  2. selamat sudah tidak menggunakan kacamata lagi :)
    aku kepengen juga, cuma harganya yg mahal banget bikin mikir beberapa kali hhehe

    1. Awh, thank you, Aulia~ Bisa dicicil kok, Mr. G juga lagi nabung buat LASIK, heheh ^_^

  3. ahhh I'm getting LASIK later this month so your post has me all riled up eheh I have such horrible vision, I can't fathom waking up and just being able to SEE. I heard some people were blind for 2-3 days so it's good to hear you could still see even right after....

    1. Hi, Elle~ Good luck with the operation! It depends on the individual, but luckily, I had no problems after LASIK. ^_^

  4. Pengen lasik juga, tapi ada yang bilang setelah 1 tahun gitu balik lagi. Jadi bingungg... >.< thank you postnya Phanie^^ Lengkap banget hehe

    1. Hi, Aini & Eve~ Thank you udah nyempetin baca blog postku. Selama matanya dijaga dengan benar layaknya mata normal, ga kembali lagi seperti itu. Kalau sehabis LASIK, bacanya deket, baca sambil tiduran (kaya aku T_T), baca di tempat gelap, pasti kurang dari setahun udah ada minusnya lagi. :)