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Intralase Wavefront LASIK at Shinagawa LASIK and Eye Center

Hello, lovelies~ If you haven't read the start of my LASIK journey, you can always click here to read about the Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Center along with the Pre-LASIK assessment. In this post, I want to share my experience about getting LASIK surgery.

5 November 2014 morning was just like any other morning, except for a minor LASIK surgery at 9.15 a.m. I got up early to cook breakfast, took a shower, and went through my LASIK preparations. I placed my appointment card and shades in my bag, along with my MRT card.

We reached Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Center earlier than scheduled, so the receptionist told me to sign some consent forms before the LASIK surgery. Not gonna lie, I was nervous before the surgery, but thankfully, Mr. G was there to comfort me while we wait.

Finally, the nurse called my name, so I went with her while Mr. G patiently waited in the waiting room. As I walked towards the operating theater, my heart started to race as I thought about the surgery. I was told to leave my mobile phone behind, so there will be lack of pictures. ^_^

The Preparation

Before I was assisted into the operating room, I was welcomed to sit in their recovery/preparation area. This is the area where patients are told to rest before and after the surgery. Before the surgery, my blood pressure was measured and I was given a sleeping pill. Not quite a sleeping pill, but more like a relaxant.

Shortly afterwards, I was instructed to take off my shoes before going inside the sterile operating theater. This is the part where the local anesthesia is given to my eyes using eye drops, so no injections or the likes for the anesthesia. Yeay!

Dr. Lee came shortly to check on my eyes using the slit lamp. He says everything is okay and my eyes are well lubricated, unlike the first time I came to see him.

Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Center Singapore

Since I didn't take any photos during the surgery, I'll just provide you with pictures, so you'll get the gist of how LASIK operation is.

The Corneal Flap

After around 10-15 minutes of waiting and keeping my eyes closed, I was led to a dark room where Dr. Lee will create the corneal flap using the Intralase Method™, which is also known as bladeless LASIK.

I was instructed to lie down on the reclining seat while Dr. Lee and the nurses make the final prep. At this point in time, I am secretly in panic. Probably because the room was dark and it was a surgery on my eyes. OMG.

As I was maintaining my breath, Dr. Lee told me to stay calm and not to panic seconds before the procedure starts. He was very reassuring from the beginning all the way to the end of the surgery. My nerves immediately went away when he spoke those comforting word in a soft tone.

The procedure started with my eyes being wide open and a transparent, suction-cup-like object is placed on it. Dr. Lee instructed me to look at the center of the ring of light throughout this whole procedure.

Not a moment too soon, I felt a slight dull pressure on my right eye for around 10 seconds, but no pain. I can hear the nurses counting down and Dr. Lee with his words of assurance. After that, there is a brief blur on my right eye. However, Dr. Lee immediately reassured me that it's all fine and there's nothing to be worried about.

With both eyes done, I was led to the first station outside the room and instructed to blink multiple times to get the air bubbles off. A while after a series of blinking, the nurse came to check my eyes for any presence of air bubbles. Once it was clear, I was assisted to the LASIK operating room.

The Laser

After finding a comfortable position, Dr. Lee explained briefly that I should concentrate on the green blinking light. He added that there might be a burning smell, which is a normal occurrence as it is the laser burning the cornea into the desired shape.

Shortly after my eyelashes were taped out of the way, the operation started. From my point of view, I can see the green blinking light along with a few tools getting close to my eyes. It's not painful, I don't even feel a thing, despite the burnt smell. It didn't take long, probably around 10 seconds when the laser fired.

Despite the scary environment, I wasn't terrified because Dr. Lee talked me through all of his actions during the surgery. I guess what kept calm throughout the whole LASIK operation is Dr. Lee's words of comfort.

"Don't worry, everything is okay"
"It's not going to hurt at all"
"You did a good job maintaining this position"
"Very good, Stephanie"
"Your vision is going to get blurry, but don't worry, it's normal"

See? If Dr. Lee had been silent throughout the whole surgery, I would've freaked out and cried. However, he is a professional in his job and managed to calm me, the world's most-easily-freaked-out woman. Good job, Dr. Lee!

After my corneal flap is returned to its normal place, Dr. Lee told me to rest up and meet him for a final check up after the operation. I sat at the recovery area, where the nurse gave me a set of medicine along with instructions on how to use them. It was all neatly packed in a small blue tote bag, complete with written instruction on what not to do after LASIK.

30 minutes passed in the recovery area as I closed my eyes and nearly fell asleep. The nurse woke me and assisted me to Dr. Lee's office for the final check up after operation. I fetched Mr. G in the waiting room, where he was half asleep waiting for me. Dr. Lee said the operation went well and instructed to go home and rest.

My vision was very blurry at this point, so I put on my shades as we headed to the MRT station. Mr. G held my hand all the way home, to reduce chances of me falling, lol. As we reached the apartment, I immediately took a nap for two hours. When I woke up, my vision was clearer than before and I was so excited I tweeted about it

I was given antibiotic drops, anti-inflammatory drops, and lubricating eye drops to be used hourly during waking hours. This will reduce any possibilities of infection, swelling and dryness consecutively.

In summary, I didn't expect LASIK to be that fast because I thought it was a meticulous procedure lasering off the problematic areas, but with the latest technology, it was done super fast. Plus, it matters to get a great doctor that has a great set of technical skills as well as being super duper empathetic and has a human touch.

I will share my post operation experience in a different post as this one is already too long. However, I do hope I gave a clear view as to how LASIK is performed and how it feels.

What about you? Have you had LASIK before? How does it feel? Let me know how you experience it in the comments below. Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. Berarti sekarang udah gapake kacamata ya ci??? XD congratulation!!

    1. Iya, Dil, thank you~ Meski kadang tanganku masih suka refleks betulin posisi kacamata yang sekarang udah ga ada , huahahahaha.. ^_^

  2. Omg you make me want to do it!!!! Cie, will you break down the total amount you paid for this? Wahh aku berminat banget ke dokter ituuuu :"D Tapi entah affordable gak buatku.
    Congrats ya cie, udah baikan kan sekarang?

    1. Hi, Konayachiii~ How have you been? ^_^

      I'll be going for post op check up tomorrow, I'll ask them to print out the prices, so rain check ya~

      Dokternya super duper baik dan menenangkan, terus ngejelasinnya detail banget up to the latest researches in the medical field! Pokoknya top notch deh!

  3. Kak Phanie.. postnya berguna banget! Jarang ada yg nyeritain lengkap proses lasiknya. Aku kepengen juga sih~ Ditunggu ya harganya.. ehehehe.. biar nyiapin dulu. Tapi pastinya bakal mahal deh~ ^^

    1. Hi, Latifah~ Thanks udah nyempetin baca blog postku ya~ Harganya bisa diliat di sini

      Semoga membantu~ ^_^