Friday, September 19, 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set Review

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Hello, lovelies~ Browsing through my old blog post, I realized I've never done a review on one of the brush sets that I just got. I have been wanting to try this out and when I finally did, I forgot to post a review on it. Silly me. 

Real Techniques is the brand that was founded by UK youtubers and makeup artists, Sam Chapman and Nic Chapman. Truth be told, I'm not really a subscriber to their channel because I rarely wear eyeshadows, so I can't relate to it. 
Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set Case

However, I am glad that they decided to make this brush collection. I just read on their website that their brushes are color coded according to their needs. For example, the one with the gold colored ferrule (like the one I'm reviewing in this post) is dedicated for creating a flawless makeup base

All of the brushes have synthetic bristles, which means that they are not shaved off an animal's butt hair fur to make our face all nice and puh-retty. To be more precise, they use taklon for their bristles on their brushes. Also, it makes applying liquid products a lot easier.

makeup brush on a white wooden plank with dried flowers

Aside from their soft bristles, the brushes have a sturdy ferrule and handle. They also wrote the names of the brushes on the end of the ferrule. Since this is a set, there is a brush case that comes along with them.

Buffing Brush
Starting with the largest brush in the set, the Buffing Brush, which is said to be ideal for powder and mineral foundation. I, for one, uses it for my liquid foundation application because synthetic bristles is just BFF with liquid products.

makeup brush on a white wooden plank with dried flowers

It works beautifully with my Revlon New Complexion Liquid foundation as it blends the foundation effortlessly with every stroke. I like that it doesn't absorb the product, thus making it efficient because I'm trying to save money on buying more liquid foundations.

Contour Brush
As the name suggest, it is said to be ideal to apply highlighters on the face to create sheer, soft focus finish. I like to use it with my bronzer since it doesn't pick up too much product, so I don't end up looking like I just spend the last 15 minutes making mud pies out in the backyard.

makeup brush on a white wooden plank with dried flowers

Pointed Foundation Brush
The first time I saw this, I thought it was meant for blending concealer under my eyes. However, on the website, it claimed to be used for building more coverage in certain areas. It certainly is too small to be a foundation brush for my face

makeup brush on a white wooden plank with dried flowers

The bristles are not as soft as the buffing brush or contour brush, but I guess it's meant to be that way to give more control to those areas. I like using it for my under eye area to blend concealer.

Detailer Brush
This has got to be my least favorite brush out of the bunch. Reason being is that it just doesn't do anything to help with my makeup base or concealer. I tried blending my concealer with this on a certain spot, only to find that it blends away everything even with the slightest touch. 

makeup brush on a white wooden plank with dried flowers

However, this is a not-so-bad brush to use for applying lipstick. Even though I rarely use brushes to help apply my lip products, I do use this sometimes when I'm applying a bold color to an event. The pointy tip helps get right to the edge of my lips, resulting in an even and neat looking lips.

Overall, the pros are :
  • the sleek case that protects the brushes, making it travel friendly
  • the price is reasonable for a brush set. It comes to Rp 67,500 per brush. Not bad lah.
  • it is made with synthetic bristles or taklon, to be specific.
  • the buffing brush is great for liquid foundation
  • the contour brush has a tapered end or kinda like an egg, making is easy to apply highlighters/bronzer
  • all of the brushes never shed on me
  • the handles are sturdy, given that they have fallen a couple of times from my hands.
  • they are cruelty free

However, I don't quite like :
  • the detailer brush could be made better
  • it is not available offline where I live
  • the buffing brush is not sold separately. What if I lost my buffing brush? I have to buy the whole set again?

To sum up, I enjoyed using the Real Techniques Core Collection brushes, except the detailer brush that I can live without. The buffing brush is my absolute favorite, especially for liquid foundation. Although people have been saying that their Expert Face Brush is amazing as well. 

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques brushes? Let me know in the comments below what you think about it or what you want to try from them. I will list the information of where I bought the brush set. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

Real Techniques Core Collection
Bought at Alouette's Beauty 
Priced at Rp 270,000

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  1. hahaha aduh ini teh lifetime wishlist banget :D
    aku biasanya rada pusing kalo baca review RT brushes karna macem2 dan multifungsi.. tapi review cici yang ini enak dibaca ^^

    1. Hai, Dil~ Lama tak bersua di comment section, hehehe.. Syukurlah reviewnya enak dibaca, aku udah ragu tadi mo gabungin, tapi kalo dipisah sendiri2, cuman dikit postnya. ^_^

  2. Aku pakai sekitaran setahunan lalu, sekarang udah di adopsi adik XD

    Kalau aku justru suka detailer brush, soalnya pas buat concealer di mata aku. Yang lain2 gak gitu kepakai karena aku punya RT yang lain XD~

    1. Hi, Farrel & Merry~ Thanks for commenting. Detailer brushnya kurang berhasil nih di aku, hiks. T_T

  3. I love Real Techniques brushes, so far I have used the blush brush (which is perfect also for bronzer) and I have the set for eye makeup and I absolutely adore it, those brushes are just amazing :)

    1. I am saving to buy the blush brush because I heard so many good things about it! Thanks for visiting~