Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Blogging Tips I Wish I Knew From The Get-Go

Hello, lovelies~ I just finished my treatment to reduce my sun spots and mild acne scars, so there won't be any foundation, skincare or any face-related beauty products reviews. My face just has a peeling session and it is still in recovery. Hopefully, my sun spots will be reduced and some of the mild acne scars will be fading away in a couple of weeks time. 

In the mean time, let me share with you a couple of things about blogging that I wish I had known when I first started blogging, which was four years ago. I started blogging because (mainly) I was bored waiting for my registration papers to be processed. One post led to another and before I know it, Diary of a Product Junkie was born.

Nowadays, I see a number of beauty blogs in Indonesia and I thought it would be appropriate to give a few tips when you just started a blog of your own. I'm in no way an expert in blogging, so I hope these tips can help you when you're first starting out.


There's no denying that content is king, but layout and design also has to be taken into account. You don't want people to shy away from your awesome blog post just because of the blog design, right? Don't get me wrong, it is your blog, so you are free to design the way you want to.

Comparison of dark text on light background and light text on dark background

One of the few problems I had with my old blog layout was a dark background with light text, which turns out to be tiring for the eyes. Yep, even I, the blog owner, got tired of reading my own post, lol. Another problem was a decorative font that is (mostly) cursive, which makes it hard to read the post. Then again, these are just preferences.


I remember using my camera phone during those early days of blogging. I convinced myself that I don't need a fancy camera because all that matters is the content. Well, I wasn't totally wrong, but I wished I had saved and got a good camera from the start.

Admit it. You may be one of the few that is drawn into a blog post just because of the pictures. No? I know I am. I sometimes scroll through the post just to gawk at the beautiful pictures. It doesn't need to be a masterpiece, just as long as it is bright, not blurry, and clear enough to help explain the post.

Before after photo to demonstrate the importance of photo for blogging tips

Don't believe me? Look at the picture above and tell me which one you prefer. It just goes to show that a picture is clearly worth a thousand words.


Oh, how I wish I had installed Analytics from the day my blog was born. I relied solely on the native statistics on blogger, not that it's bad. Google Analytics gives you a more complete report on who visited your blog. Interests, keywords, bounce rate, real time stats are just some of lovely features from Google Analytics that can help you determine what your next blog post should be.

Snippet of google analytics for blogging tips regarding statistics

Think of it as a personal assistant who records everyone that has ever come to your blog and wrote down what that visitor likes. You can use the one that came with the blogger website, but it's not as complete and powerful as Google Analytics.


When I first started out, I tried to publish at least one blog post every single day. Sure, it went well during the first month, but the next one? Not so much. I got busy and didn't post as often I usually could. It resulted in reduced number of visitors to my blog and poor quality of the blog post itself.

Snippet of Google Calendar for scheduling blogging tips

Solution? Schedule posts. You can write as many blog posts as you want and arrange them to be posted automatically. I have set my blogging schedule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday using the Schedule option on blogger. In conjunction with that, I use the Google Calendar to write down the topics.


You have written your blog post with all your heart and soul. Now what? Well, go and share it to the world via social media. You want the world to know what you write or what your thoughts are about those new collection at Makeup Forever, right?

Use your social media accounts to spread the word about your blog post. It can be anything from facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google plus, and many more that I've lost count. Shorten your links to reduce space and monitor the how many people click through. Don't forget to blogwalk, too!

I hope you can learn from some of my 'mistakes' and make a better blog. Truly, I wish I knew these tips when I first started blogging back in 2010. I leave you with this question to answer down in the comment section :

What are your blogging tips?

Thank you for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. thanks for your tips, Phanie! I love your new layout :)

  2. This post is so helpful! Thankyou!!

  3. thanks for sharing your tips ci ^^
    iya setuju, aku awal2 jg layout dan foto berantakan banget XD
    konten terlalu banyak tp ga berkualitas.. skrg belajar semakin hari semakin baik dlm mengelola blog ^^

    1. Sama2, Vee. Aku juga masih belajar sampe sekarang. ^_^

      Awalnya masih berantakan banget blogku ini, tapi diberesin pelan2 sampe akhirnya 'mendingan'. Hehehe, konten emang agak tricky, kalo terlalu banyak tapi kualitas ga dijaga, kasian yang baca juga jadinya ^_^;;

  4. Thank you Ci Phanie tipsnya :)
    Semoga blogku yang agak terlantar itu semakin baik :)

    1. Sama2~ Kalo memang lagi sibuk, ya gpp, Sab~ Sukses koasnya ya.. ^_^

  5. Totally agree for point no. 1 and 2... ^_^ It's been a long time ce since I visit your blog, I love how does it look now. :)

  6. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Great post! The world of blogging changes so quickly - especially since I started, also 4 years ago! Could not agree more with the comment about a good camera - it is a must. However considering the stunning pictures I took with my S5 of the CanFranc railway station in Spain... I was really impressed with my phone camera!

    Sim @

    1. Camera phones are now good quality, even my S2 can take good picture in natural light. Thanks for visiting! ^_^

  8. Nice post. Aku udah ngeblog dari 2009, walaupun sempet vakum di 2012-2014, dan sekarang mulai ngeblog lagi. baru tau ttg google analytics dan langsung coba instal. haha. Dan ide buat schedule di smart phone pun bisa diikutin nih. Thankss

    1. Hi, Nalia~ Namanya bagus ^_^

      Aku pun sampe sekarang kadang struggle banget untuk bisa posting karena kadang bentrok juga sama kerjaan. Kadang internet mati, ada ajah deh -_-"

      Semangat yah ngeblognya~ ^_^

  9. Makasih ci infonya. Berguna banget biar blogku makin rapih. About google analytics, that's the first time I heard about it.