Monday, August 18, 2014

Nichijou : Two Birthdays and an OOTD

Hello, lovelies~ Hope your week has been tremendous and fun considering yesterday is our country's Independence day. I didn't join in any contests that they usually have, but I still have fun nonetheless since last week. 

One of the reason being was Mr. G's birthday. I wanted to throw a party for him, but he wanted a simple dinner, just the two of us. So, we went to his favorite restaurant for roast duck and dim sum. I wish you all the best, my adorable baby bear~ ^_^ 

Another birthday last week is Mr. G's niece and we went to celebrate with her. We got her those rainbow loom thingies that you make yourself to form a bracelet. Unfortunately, I already wrap the present before realizing that I forgot to snap a pic of it. 

It was celebrated at a pizza outlet over at Kota Kasablanka. We took a little field trip over to the Southern parts of Jakarta, all the way from the North. Road Trip! 

Speaking of presents, we got one from the lovely #pink from PinkandUndecided. I was excited to see the silver-glitter on each of the towels. She's such a sweetie giving this cute towels to us as a wedding present. Awh~  ^_^

Another thing-that's-kinda-like-a-present-I-guess is the new chemex my brother bought. I like to brew my coffee using the drip method, where it just *literally* drips through a paper filter. Coffee on and nobody gets hurt in the morning, right? 

Right. There are a couple of items that are new and waiting to be reviewed. I have been using the Nivea whitening day lotion last time I went to Singapore, so expect a review in a couple of days.Oh, the BB Cream has also been queuing in my blog draft for a couple of days now. 

Since I had my mood to dress up last Thursday, I shoot not just one, but two outfit photos! Talk about productivity in the middle of the week, lol. Anyways, I was searching online for an Indonesian plus size fashion blogger for outfit inspirations, but found none. Maybe you know some  of them? Or maybe I should try and do more outfit posts despite my not-so-stylish-fashion-taste? Eh, maybe I will. If the mood allows, lol.

*ehem* Went to get lunch with dad yesterday and felt like high school again. That was because I ate at Tamani Cafe for lunch, which is where I used to eat almost every time I went to Kelapa Gading Mall. Chicken Gordon Bleu was my favorite, yums! I ordered steak, though. ^_^

Secondly, there is a music store that sells cassette. Yes, these tapes. They even have RATM! Takes me back to 1997, will you please? I used to listen to their songs all the time alongside KoRn and the Offspring. 

Supermoon taken with a standard lens, hence the noise. -_-
Well, that's all for now. I am sleepy as I'm typing all this. I'll see you soon with a review or beauty tips on this blog. I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek into my life. Until then, I'll see you later~ 

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