Saturday, August 30, 2014

DOAPJ DIY: Customized Scented Powder

Hello, lovelies~ I was stumbling the internet last week when I found a page about making your own scented powder. Being the ever-so-curious me, I decided to try it out for myself and... It works! So, here I am sharing it to you.

Let's gather out ingredients and materials, shall we?

If you don't like the feel of corn starch or are allergic to it, you can substitute it with regular unscented baby powder. Oh, if you don't have a cotton ball, you can use something similar, such as a cotton swab or cotton pads. 

Now, to the fun part. Mixing things up.


Grab one cotton ball and spray it a couple of times with your perfume of choice. I spritzed mine around 30-40 times to ensure that the scent will be strong enough.

Once you feel that the cotton ball is concentrated enough, place it inside the clean jar and pour the corn starch onto it. I used around 4-5 heaping tablespoons of corn starch in this recipe.

After the dunking process, I close the jar tightly and started to gently shake it a couple of times. The jar was placed in my vanity drawer, away from heat and sunlight.

That's it! I've used it on my body and it gives a subtle scent, the kind where I just took a shower and there's a lingering soap scent. It's not too strong and perfect for my everyday routine. I used a puff to apply the powder because sometimes I just don't like getting it on my hands, lol.

What do you think about this DIY project? Do you think you'll try and make it? Post the link to your creations if you did in the comments below because I would love to see it. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

UPDATE: I tried using it as a dry shampoo and it works wonderfully~ You can either use this recipe or my previous one right here, just click on it. ^_^

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  1. Corn starch itu tepung maizena kan ci? Bagus nih resep nya, kapan2 mau ah ~

  2. I always love to read your DIY post. So fun yet helpful :)

  3. Wow! this is great, I always use powder & want to buy my fragrance but it can be pricey. I am coming from Lifestyle Bloggers FB group & I am sharing!

  4. ngga gatel2 kah kalo tepung maizena ditepuk2 di kulit ci? o__o

  5. unscented powder ada ya ci? Ada rekomendasi merk/ beli dmn?

    1. Biasanya di toko kimia ada, kalo ga salah. Tapi bisa juga sih pake bedak bayi yang wanginya ga terlalu kenceng. ^_^