Friday, July 25, 2014

Nichijou : Our Special Day

Hello, lovelies~ I have been wanting to blog about this ever since the day after the wedding, but I waited for the photos to get developed. It'll be easier to tell the story with pictures, right? After about a month, here is the story.

I'm gonna divide the story into three parts, so it won't be an overload of photos in just one single post. I hope you enjoy this post, so let's get to it.

It was the morning of June the 14th. I got up early, around six a.m, did my morning routine before heading down to breakfast with my family. Mr. G was still asleep as it was the first night of World Cup 2014. After breakfast, the preparations began.

To be honest, I was still sleepy at this point. All I could see was a box filled with makeup along with boxes of false eyelashes piling on top of each other. On my right was my mom getting her hair and makeup done. I kept looking left and right , trying to assure myself that this was real.

I didn't know what Mr. G felt the morning of the wedding day. We had separate rooms, after all. I, for one, choose to believe that he was laid back and calm like he usually is. Just like he always was back when I fell in love with him.

Minutes passed. My hair was all done and a wispy, white veil on my hair. Not long after, I was already in my wedding dress, complete with the slightly-suffocating corset attached on my abdomen.

After a short photo session with my family, it's time to begin the traditional 'jemput-jemputan'. It's a process where the groom goes to the bride's place to 'pick' her up and go to the church. I think. I wasn't allowed to see Mr. G on the front door when he came. Well, he wasn't allowed to either.

As Mr. G walked backwards towards me that was facing the wall, I felt my heart raced. It wasn't like the usual nerves like before an examination, it was something else. I've met him thousands of times before. We've been apart from each other for years. Yet, this heart of mine won't be still after not seeing each other in a day? Odd.

* thump thump*

Where was he?

*thump thump*

Was he behind me?

*thump th-thump*

I heard a faded voice that ordered us to turn around to face each other. Slowly, I started to turn around to see him. His smile that could calm thousands of anger within me.

There he was. 

Here I am. 

My companion for the last decade.

My 'almost' husband.

I'm glad we found each other that day. In class. 
With a guitar on your hands, strumming 'One Last Breath'.

Okay~ That is the end of part one. Just in the mood for writing tonight, I guess. Part two will be the holy matrimony at church, so I hope you'll read that, too~ Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

P.S: An extra shot before I put on my wedding dress. I was being a ninja for some God-knows-what-I-was-thinking reason. I guess that's my reaction to being slightly nervous, lol.

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  1. Ahh cc.. so sweet..
    Can't wait for next part ^^

  2. Aaah, part berikutnyasangat ditunggu loh. Manis sekali postingannya. :'D

    1. Thank you, Cella~ Lagi ada mood romantis sepertinya ini, hahaha.. ^_^

  3. waww romantisnyaaa. Ditunggu lanjutannya hehe XD

  4. congrats yaa!
    suka sekali dengan wedding dress, make up, dan hair do nya.
    simple tapi cantik sekali :)

    1. Thank you~ Semoga nanti ada post tentang dress, hair and makeupnya kalo ada waktu~ Amin~ ^_^

  5. ci so sweet bangettt,. love at first sight pas Mr.G main gitar ya ci?
    Anyway super love your make up here ci, cantiiikkk bangettt.. <3

    1. Iya, Teph~ Soalnya lagunya itu yang ga bisa kumainin dari zaman SMA 3, eh doi bisa.. grrrr...

      Makeupnya nih emang hebat nih si Endi, pink sama coklat kalo ga salah. <3

  6. Ciii Phanieee, selamat yaaa... Duh.. It is sooo sweeettt... :)

  7. Kelihatan bahagia sekali... So swiit... Selamat yaa semoga happy teruss. :)