Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nichijou : Our Special Day (part II)

Hello, lovelies~ Picking up where I left off on the first part of our wedding day, here is the second part. I hope you enjoy reading it~

14:30. The clock sets a gentle reminder that we were to be husband and wife in front of the whole church. Bunda Hati Kudus church, to be exact.

Walking down the aisle with my hand wrapped around his, the nerves were gone. Nowhere to be seen. I'm not surprised, really. I feel calm whenever he's beside me.

We located our seats in front of the priest and sat there with smiles on our faces. At this point, we're both ecstatic, but tried to conceal it. Well, we tried, but failed anyway. We were beaming with happiness at that time. The thought of living under the same roof playing video games excites the both us. Yes, we're just kids encased in adults' bodies.

At the altar, we reminisced the memories of how we fell in love with each other. Had I not worn my KoRn tee that day. Had he not played Creed's One Last Breath that Friday. Had we not been in the same class for English. Would all this have happened either way? I have no answer to that. 

It's time. The vows that we need to say to each other in front of the whole church to hear. I expected my nerves to come back. Oddly enough, they weren't there. 

He said his vows...

I said mine...

After blessings from the priest, we slipped a ring on each other's finger after that solemn promise we made. To have and to hold, from this day forward.

As the veil was slowly lifted off my face, I couldn't stop myself from smiling ear to ear. "This man standing before me is now my husband," I thought to myself. I started to feel all warm and fuzzy, just like that feeling on Christmas morning. 

The ceremony continued. We ask blessings from both our parents to build our own little family. Of course, I couldn't see clearly past the tears in my eyes, but I managed.

We got back to our seats waiting for the priest to finish the mass. I felt so relieved that the veil was finally lifted off my face because it weighed down my false eyelashes. No matter, we're husband and wife now!

The holy matrimony ended after we pay respect to the virgin Mary. We took photos with the priests and everybody else that was present at that time before heading to the hotel for the reception.

That was all the ceremony at the church and I will continue the reception on the next blog post. I hope you will read that part, as well. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. wah di BHK.Ga mesti di paroki asal pengantin ya ci? Atau emang kalian asalnya paroki BHK?

    1. Ga mesti di paroki asal kok, Cell. Mr. G paroki Paskalis Cempaka Putih, aku advent. :)

      Tapi kalo dua2nya Katolik beda paroki, biasanya sih akan diadakan di paroki yang perempuan. :)

    2. Oooh, ci phanie kristen ya. Berarti pake dispen dari pastor ya. btw, selamat menempuh hidup baru ci~ Ada postingan honeymoon report kah nanti? :D

    3. Cellaaaa~ Honeymoon masih tertunda, serem bok, pesawat pada jatoh >.< #ehcurhat

  2. So touching ci :')
    Congratulations once again!! ♥♥

  3. Love reading this Phanie, and i can so relate to the part about living together under the same roof playing video games because that's what we've been doing for the past 7 years! The best marriage is when husband and wife are best friends and i am the living testimony to it! When ppl say they prefer dating than being married i could never understand them coz i love being married! Am waiting impatiently for the next part!

    1. Wow, you've been married for 7 years? You sure look young~ Thanks for reading~ ^_^

  4. Wahhh congratulation! I've been a silent reader for awhile, baru kali ini komen hehehe.
    You looked so pretty! kangen banget liat gereja BHK, sulu SD sampe SMA sekolah di Tarsisius jd selalu ke gereja itu setiap pagi hehe ^^
    anyway, once again congratulation !!

    1. Thank you, Pams~ Jadi walking down memory lane baca postnya ya? ^_^

  5. Cici aku jadi pengen ikutan nikaaahhhh.... *eh

  6. AH so lovely post!
    Congratulation, Ci ~ Have a lovely new life :)