Friday, July 4, 2014

Fragrance Friday : Crabtree and Evelyn Lily edt

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions are honest and my own.” Complete disclosure here 

Hello, lovelies~ Welcome to the first segment of 'Fragrance Friday'~ Although I'm not sure how long this segment will last considering the life of my other previous segments, lol. Hey, as long as we're all happy, it shouldn't really matter, right? ^_^;;

As the title suggests, I will be talking about perfumes, body sprays, body mists, candles, and anything else that has a scent/fragrance to it. To be completely honest with you, I'm still not sure about this segment as I don't have a great descriptive skill when it comes to fragrances. I do have allergies, thus rendering my sense of smell to a different level.
Okay, the first one to start of this segment is one from Crabtree & Evelyn called Lily edt. If you haven't already known by now, Crabtree & Evelyn categorizes their scents into their main ingredient. For instance, there are a collection of Lily, Jasmine, Peony, etc. They don't have creative names like Thunder from the Heavens or Broken Wings of a Butterly or whatnot. *those are just made up names, fyi. lol*

The bottle is square with a dark green cap on top. The design is delightful to look at because it reminds me of those illustrations in children's books drawn with watercolor. Personally, I love lily of the valley because it's just an adorable flower in real life. I haven't seen one with my own eyes, though.

The size of the bottle is compact, making it easy to travel with because it simply fits in my handbag without making such a fuss.

Now comes the hard part of the review. The scent description. Since I'm terrible at describing it, let me just copy and pasted the description off the website so you won't get confused.

What it says it's supposed to smell

Fragrant lily of the valley with the lush aromas of the woodlands.

What I smell

Crushed flowers mixed with a hint of fresh, green grass. I feel like I was lying down in a field of flowers on a warm sunny day.

See? Told ya' I was bad at describing scents. ^_^;;

Moving on with the longevity of the perfume, I'd say it lasted for a good 3 hours on my easily-sweaty-body. I usually spray it on my wrists, behind my ear, neck, and decolletage area.

All in all, it is a wonderful scent that will always remind me of summer afternoons with the wind blowing on my face whilst I'm reading and have a cuppa. Have you tried any perfume from Crabtree & Evelyn? What is your favorite scent? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~

Crabtree & Evelyn Lily eau de toilette

Price : I honestly forgot ^_^;;
Notes:  dewy greens, velvety mosses and hints of hyacinth and ylang ylang (Taken from their website)
Final say : Strong floral with a hint of green. Love to wear it during daytime.

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  1. LOL, I also bad at describing fragrance ci XD *toss
    Btw lucu yaa packagingnya :3 bantet gmn gt hahaha