Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DOAPJ DIY : Makeup Remover Pads

Hello, lovelies~ I haven't done a DIY project in the longest time, possibly because of the current schedule I'm having. Nonetheless, I had a great time last weekend and tried out a DIY to help remove makeup using baby products.



I found loads of the 'concoction' on Pinterest, but after a couple of trials, here is one that I've tweaked. Let's get a few thing ready, shall we?

You will need :
1 tablespoon baby shampoo
1/2 teaspoon baby oil
100 ml water
A couple of cotton pads
A jar or any container 

How to make it :
1) Mix the baby shampoo, baby oil, and water evenly. Make sure it's not all bubbly, we're not trying to take a bath. ^_^
2) Place the cotton pads inside your desire jar. Stack 'em neatly so it's easier to take out when you want to use them. 
3) Pour the water into the jar, soaking each and every one of the cotton pad.
4) Close the jar, decorate it (if you want to), and it's all done!

I was a bit scared that it would sting my eyes since it is just a mixture of shampoo and water. However, I didn't experience any discomfort whilst using this. I remember using 2 tbsp baby shampoo with 100 ml water and it kinda stings a bit. That's why I reduced the amount of baby shampoo in this 'recipe'.

The second thought that crossed my mind is whether it would irritate or damage my skin in any way since it is shampoo. Well, I always wash my face after removing any eye makeup, so there won't be any shampoo residue left on my eyes. At least, that's how I think, lol.

Do remember that each person may have a different skin reaction even if they were given the same product. Just because it works for me, doesn't necessarily mean that it will automatically work for you. So far, it hasn't caused any problems on my sensitive, acne prone, combination/oily skin type. 

I've read that other types of oils can be used varying from olive oil, grape seed oil, etc, but I haven't tried it myself, so I can't vouch for that idea. 

Do you have any DIY makeup removing techniques or recipes that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to know more about them. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. Awesome cii :D
    I will definitely make this!!! :D
    Thanks for sharing :DD

  2. Thanks for sharing , it's work well on you

    1. Your welcome, Nessya~ Hope you'll try it too sometime~ ^_^

  3. thank you udah sharing, pengen coba ah :D