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Review Lavie Luxury Faux Lashes in Athena

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions are honest and my own.” Complete disclosure here 

Hello, lovelies~ I think this is the first blog post about false eyelashes on Diary of a Product Junkie. It is a rarity to wear eyelashes on a daily basis for me, but there are times when I do wear them for the sake of beauty, lol. 

To start off the first false eyelashes review, I chose one from Lavie Lash, which is a new contender (I think) in that category. First heard about it from Endi and bought a handful of them during a bazaar at Grand Indonesia a couple of months ago.

Priced at Rp 30,000 a pair, it's reasonable for someone who rarely uses faux lashes on a daily basis. Sporting a combination of black and pink, the box looks chic with the see-through 'window' for each type of lashes. The name of the lashes is placed on the top right corner using a pink round sticker. Mine is Athena, so I'll feel like a goddess when using it, lol.

On the back of the packaging, there are instructions on how to use the faux lashes along with some of their social media sites. They remind you to recycle the whole thing as well. 
The lashes are stored inside a white tray that is covered with a plastic. I like their idea behind this packaging because it doubles as storage for the lashes.

Now let's get on to business, ze lashes! 

There are other variations of faux lashes from Lavie lash, Athena being one of them that is categorized under their 'Demi Goddess' collection. If I were to describe this lash in one word, it would be...


The 'Athena' faux lashes from Lavie has a semi thick black band that is quite flexible, so it wouldn't be a chore to adjust it to my eyelids.

Being a dramatic-type faux eyelash, Athena has a spiked design on the end of the eyelash, bringing out a dramatic flare to my whole look. It's not something that is wearable to the office, but to a party? Yes, please!

No faux lashes review is complete without a look on the eyes, right? Well, voila!

Despite the heavy-looking pair of lashes, it felt lightweight on my eyes and doesn't reduce my field of vision. In other words, it doesn't block my view when I'm using them. I used this for our photo shoot and it doesn't feel heavy at all. Applying them is easy, too!

I like that this is reusable because that means saving money, duh! I have used it twice already and it's still in good shape. The website said that it can be used up to five times with good care. It stands out for photo shoots, so my eyes draws the attention.

To conclude the review post, I like that the Athena lash is:
- the right length
- lightweight when used
- not blocking my field of vision
- reusable
- affordable at only Rp 30,000
- easy to apply, even for someone who rarely applies faux eyelashes like me

However, if I may, the faux lashes would be better if :
- it has a small glue included, at the risk of price increase

I have other lashes from Lavie, so I'll just do a separate review later on. If you're looking into faux lashes, I recommend looking into this brand since it's cost-effective for most beginners. They are on most SNS, but I'll list them out for you.

Lavie Lash

Facebook Instagram 

Have you tried any of the lashes from Lavie? Let me know down in the comments below if you have. Thanks for reading and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. duuuuuuuh cantiknya! >.< *reviewnya kalah hits daripada fotonya*

  2. nice review... ini bulu mata kayaknya camera friendly yah, aq kpn hari foto prewed, sama MUA nya juga dipakein bulu mata yg modelnya ngga sama persis sih, tapi miriiiiipp... =)

    1. Alami banget keliatannya, sampe aku cobain yang lain juga sama.. Nagih jadinya sama si bulmat satu ini. ^_^