Saturday, June 14, 2014

One Sunny Day

Hello, lovelies~ I'm slowly easing my way back into my usual blogging schedule after the hectic wedding prep, but there are still some off days. Never mind that! Let's just get this post started~ 

Sharing a few of our pre-wed photos this time, so this is not beauty related. Hehehe, I haven't posted a lifestyle/nichijou type post lately.

Oh, by the time this post is published, Mr. G and I are having our wedding reception and since I can't invite all of you to come join our celebration, I thought it'd be cool to share some of our pre wed photos with you.

*group hug* 


With the rainy season gone, summer is (once again) upon us here in Jakarta. We thought about shooting our pre-wed photos in a studio to avoid any weather issues that day. However, the weather seemed to be friendly that week, so we shot the photos outdoor.

Mr. G & I wanted our photos to be one that has a laid back yet fun atmosphere where our personalities show. We named the concept 'One Sunny Day'. The photos below are some behind-the-scene photos or ones that didn't make the cut. ^_^

"Gen, I'm falling!"
"Don't worry, I got you!"
*clings on back to make me fall even more*

No idea why this is even here *facepalm*

This has got to be the CHEESIEST of the bunch. *shudders*

"Run faster, Phan."
"Easy for you to say, Mr. I'm-not-wearing-heels."

"Let's just try to hold this pose for another ten seconds, yeah?"


I'm just sharing some that I thought looked fun and quirky. Also, it may seem evident from these photos that we can't really hold our pose without laughing our asses off after a few seconds, lol. Anyway, here are some that we're using, whaddya think?

I love his smile and how he laughs

How he is always there to cheer me up

How he holds my hand and make sure that everything is alright

How he helps me face my fears

How I can talk about anything with him

His firm hugs that makes me feel safe

His gentle kisses

How we have the same 'grim' sense of humor 

But, most of all, I love being around him, my sun and stars..

There are a few more pics, but I think that's enough to see, lah ya? Still, I do hope you enjoy reading this despite our not-so-photogenic photos. Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. YAYYY.. congratulations ci xD
    langgeng terus ya..and moga cpt dapat momongan! :D
    GBU ^^

  2. Ce Phanieee, congratzz yaaa ^_^
    Ikut seneng deh ^_^ langgeng sampe maut memisahkan dan cepet punya momongan ya ce ^0^

  3. What a beautiful pictures <3
    Happy Marriage ci ^^ Congratulations <3 <3

  4. Congratz again Phanieee (i can't say this enough) really wish i could be there tonite! And you look really really pretty!

    1. Yeaaah, I would really like that, meeting you at my wedding would be awesome~ Awh, shucks, thanks~ ^_^

  5. Beautiful pics!! Congratulations :D

  6. gyaaaa foto2ny baguusss n cooo cwiiit bangeet <3
    congrats y ce happy marriage <3 May God bless u two

  7. waaaa... =) congratzzzz..!!!! bagus foto prewed nya.. =)

    1. changelz, thank you~ Fotografernya bagus tuh ide2nya~ ^_^

  8. Huks cici~ Liat potonya aja terharuu.. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUU!!!! Selamat menempuh hidup baru bersama Mr. G, you both are the kindest & warmest couple me & Mr. A have ever met! Thank you for having us! *big hug*

    1. Awh... *hugs Vani & Mr. A back*

      Aku seneeeeng banget waktu liat kamu di antara kerumunan orang, level happiness meningkat~ Ditambah ada Mr. A sebelahmu, makin hepiiiii~ Buru nyusul yaaaa~ ^_^

      Thank you for coming and spending the celebration with us~ ^_^

  9. suka foto2nya ceee :')
    congrats ya cee, maaf ga bs dtg kemarin..
    smoga bs menjadi keluarga yang bahagia *hugs and kisses*

  10. wuaaah, congrats ci Phanie.
    selamat menempuh hidup baruuuu~ <3

  11. aakkk, fotonya bagus2 Phanie <3
    congrats yaaa ^_~

  12. congrats ci Phanie..!!
    Both of you are great doctors and best couple <3
    Nice photos and funny theme :)

    1. Thank you, Neni~ The photographer did a great job~ ^_^

  13. I'm so happy for you! I love the soft light in the photos...