Saturday, May 24, 2014

We're Tying The Knot!

Hello, lovelies~ This isn't a beauty related post, but more like a life-related one. If you follow me on instagram, you must have known by now that I posted this here picture down below. This is the main reason why my blog has lack of updates last month, lol.

If you're wondering if that means, Mr. G and I are getting married! After spending 11 years of knowing each other's flaws and imperfections, we are moving forward to another level in our relationship. Never have a I found someone who understood my weaknesses and is always there to pick me up when I have fallen at hard times. We've been through the good and bad, my baby bear. Love you, G~ ^_^

Photo by Creatopics
edited by yours truly ^_*

*wipes tears from eyes*

The photo above is by Creatopics and we had lots of fun taking pictures that day. If I have time, I'll blog about the experience of the photo shoot. Would you like to read it? ^_^

Continuing on with the post, I'm not really into traditions and eerything along those lines. However, my cousin in Japan got me a few things as a wedding gift, she says. Since everything is so cute, I thought I would write this in my blog because it is my online diary. You're all welcome to read it, though, lol.

Since my aunt was there to visit her last month, she asked me what I want and I asked for chocolate (as per usual). When I got her packaged, I was blown away by the size of it since it was in a huge plastic bag that can fit a pair of shoes or two. Turns out, she got me gifts for the wedding. Awh, thank you, cousin~ 

Ever heard of the traditional rhyme used for weddings that has originated way back from the 17th century? It goes a little something like this,
"Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue
and a sixpence in her shoe"

Well, she followed that rhyme and got me those gifts, except for the borrowed part. 

Something old (natsukashii ano koro). She got an album and placed our childhood pictures inside it. Looking at it feel heartwarming and happy. I can even remember some of the moments in photos, despite my young age.

Something new (atarashii mono). Brand new chopsticks that has our name engraved on it, so cool~ Love it the colors because it contrasted one another. 

Something blue (aoi mono). I was surprised to see this blue box and even more suprised when I opened it because everything is wrapped in blue. It's tea! My second favorite drink after water. 

Sixpence in her shoe (kutsu ni rokupensu). This is the one item that blew me away when I opened it. I mean, look at it! It is, literally, a sixpence placed inside a metal-wire shoe that is supposed to give good luck to the bride and groom when worn inside the left shoe on their wedding day. Awh.. 

Within just weeks towards the wedding day, I am kinda prepping everything with my wedding organizer, which is my best friend for 19 years. Just asking for your wishes and prayers that everything will go smoothly until the wedding day. I'll share more things with you later on, until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. aaah congrats ci :D
    gift2 nya kreatif bangeet apalagi yg sixpence in her shoe <3

  2. Aw, congrats ci Phanie. Semoga semua urusannya lancar sampe hari H :))

  3. Congrats ce ♥♥ the wedding gifts are so beautiful~ wish u all the best~

  4. turut senang pas baca potingan ini... selamat ya mba ^^
    smg lancar semuanya... amin :)

    salam kenal sy blogger baru dari :D

    1. Thank you atas doanya, Vera. Thanks juga udah main2 ke sini ya~ ^_^

  5. congraats ya ce ~ wish u all the best ya :D
    y ampun kirain sblmny ud nikah wkwkwkk >.<

  6. Awwwww,congratzzz Phanieee *huge virtual hug*!!!! Wishing u a amooth wedding preparations, unforgettable wedding and everlasting marriage filled with love and joy!

  7. congratzzz...!! i'm waiting for the photo shoot experience post.... =)

  8. Cicciiiii congraaaatttsssss...!!! Semoga pernikahannya lancar dan berjalan sesuai harapaaannnnnnnn!! XD
    Plis plis pliss aplot foto2 waktu prewednya, seneng liat foto behind the scene prewed karena pasti pasangannya keliatan bahagia banget mukanyaaa X)

    1. Thank you, Vaniiii~ Banyak bener yang aku nyengar nyengir, hahaha.. >.<

  9. congrats cici :) semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar ya :D

  10. Ci Phanieeeee..congraats yaaa!! Semoga semua lancar-lancar semuanya sampe hari H ^_^
    Wedding gifts nya bagus2 banget lucukk, yang koin di dalem sepatu mungil itu lucu banget >_<
    Aku demen foto prewed nya ci ada game2nya gitu hahahah, pengen baca post behind the scene prewed nya deh :DDD

  11. wow, congrats Phanie :)
    wish you all the best, have unforgettable wedding and everlasting marriage <3

    The Journey

  12. phanieeee....congrats yaaa!!!
    semoga lancar sampe hari H :D gw agak curiga pas lo posting foto di insta pake rok gitu hihihi