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Diamond Peel Plus at Miracle Clinic Kelapa Gading

“Disclosure: This service was sponsored for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out.” Complete disclosure here 

Hello, lovelies~ We've all heard about diamonds being used in wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, or even 'blinging' up everyday things, like a car. *gasp*

Well, would it surprise you if I told you that we can have another way of incorporating diamonds to beautify our skin? Sounds a bit far fetched, but in this post, I will tell you all about diamonds and skincare.

My story begins in ancient Egypt Kelapa Gading, in a place called Miracle Clinic, where regular people get their skin treated with care. You can click here or the name of the clinic to see my previous visit and a little tour around the clinic.

In this clinic, there is a treatment combines the deluxe mineral we know as diamond, whilst infusing the skin with 'serum-like' fluid customized for each skin type. Upon hearing this tale, Endi and I rushed to Miracle Clinic Kelapa Gading to experience it first hand. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

With the registration done, we went up to the treatment room where we were greeted by the medical esthetician, dr. Larissa. She examined my face thoroughly before choosing the right treatment and regimen for me.

The results are in and the doctor concluded that my facial skin is suitable for the treatment that we came here for. Oh, I haven't told you what it is yet?

The treatment is called Diamond Peel Plus.

Sounds lavish, doesn't it?

What is Diamond Peel Plus?

This procedure is categorized as a mechanical peeling for the facial skin. Simply put, it is like sanding the dead skin cells off the surface of the skin. In Indonesian, it's simply called 'ngamplas'. Yep, it is an extravagant version of sandpaper.

Here is how the machine looks like, along with the brand new diamond tip that is clean and ready to use! They really look after cleanliness in this clinic as they have an autoclave system to sterilize every equipment they use. Read more about it in my previous Miracle Clinic post.

So, you want me to sandpaper my face? It's gotta hurt!

Apart from how horrid it sounds, let me just tell you that this procedure doesn't hurt. It just feels like having a scrub session at home, really. If you can endure the pain of blackhead extraction, this should be a walk in the park for you, a.k.a doesn't feel painful.

Then, what's the difference than exfoliating or scrubbing at home?

Before I get to explaining what the difference is, I think it's best for me to describe briefly what this treatment is about. The picture below is how our skin looks like with layers of dead skin piling on the outermost part or better known as stratum corneum. If this layer isn't removed frequently, it can cause the appearance of dry and dull skin, that can even lead to you looking older than your age.

Wondering how this painless procedure with instant result works? Here is how:
1. The diamond tip removes the dead skin cells that is located at the outermost layer of the skin by scrubbing it away.
2. Those dead skin cells are then sucked by the vacuum surrounding the diamond tip, making sure that those icky stuff is off your skin for good!
3. As the dead skin cells or stratum corneum is removed, the body thinks that your face just had a mild injury, thus sending out new skin cells to be formed in place of the dead ones. Hence, bouncy, smooth, and soft skin!
4. As an added bonus, the skin is infused with a serum that is catered specifically for your skin type! This feels cooling on my face. *heaven*

All of these points happened at the same time, so it is not time consuming for the patient. Also, this procedure may be classified as microdermabrasion using diamond as the 'exfoliating' agent. Usually these type of treatment is gentle for the skin

How do I know that I need Diamond Peel Plus for my skin?

If your skin is like mine with these problems I've highlighted below, then you are in need of the Diamond Peel Plus:
- large pores
- acne prone skin
- post acne marks or acne scars
- hyperpigmentation or flek hitam as they call it in Indonesian
- dry skin and wrinkles/fine lines

Basically, it's catered for nearly all skin types, even for those who are pregnant!

Before the treatment began, my face is cleansed using cleansing milk and toner by the therapist. A little massage here and there for my fatigued face, which is needed that day after a long week. The sponge she used on my face is disposable right after I finished my treatment. She even offered me to take it home! Neat!

To keep track of my face before and after treatment, the therapist took a number of photos for comparison later on. I refrain from doing silly poses despite the urge to do so, lol.

Just one more step to do before I have Diamond Peel Plus on my face. Signing a letter of consent that states that the procedure has been explained by the doctor and that we, the patient, understood all the risk that comes with said procedure.

Face cleansed, check! 
Taking before and after photos, check!
Signing the letter of consent, check!
Diamond Peel Plus treatment, soon checked!

dr. Larissa took her place at beside the machine and sat comfortably, with the diamond tip in hand, ready to give my facial skin a new appearance. Don't worry about the redness on my jawline on the picture above, it's normal during the treatment. ^_^

Using gentle strokes, it felt exactly like a regular home scrub, but with a cooling sensation afterwards. That must be the serum infusing into my skin.

Some of my blackhead are still persistent, so she extracted them with the sterilized tool. It doesn't hurt as much as it usually does.

With the treatment done, the therapist gave me an anti inflammation cream to reduce any redness happening on my face. It's all done! It only took around an hour, tops. Quick, right?

Now, are you ready to see my face after the treatment? Here you go~

Yes, there are a few red spots here and there, but that is common for my face since it gets red easily. Apart from that, I noticed that my face looks brighter immediately after Diamond Peel Plus. There weren't any pain whatsoever, too! I guess the term 'no pain, no gain' doesn't apply here. ^_^

After Endi had finished with his treatment, we went home with brighter and radiant faces. However, we took a picture with Ms. Beatrix, who has been so kind to accompany us that day. Thank you, Ms. Beatrix~ ^_^

If you're curious about Diamond Peel Plus or Miracle Clinic in general, you can browse their website that is filled with information regarding their services and products. Just click HERE and it'll take you there!

A day after Diamond Peel Plus. No makeup here~
No more redness. Bouncy skin!

The Diamond Peel Plus procedure cost around Rp 800,000 and is recommended once a month for a softer, smoother, and bouncier skin. Speaking of bouncy, my facial skin is bouncy a day after the treatment that I couldn't stop touching it. You can check out the pictures above for recap~

*boink boink*

Interested? Drop by their clinic that is located at Kelapa Gading, Mal Taman Anggrek, and Kemang. For more information and booking, you can call them first before coming there. Do you have any experience with Miracle Clinic? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~

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