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Review Sugar Pot Wax

“Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out.” Complete disclosure here  

Hello, lovelies~ What is the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the word waxing? Does your answer include:
- troublesome?
- have to be done in a salon or the likes?
- expensive?

If it does, then I may have the solution for you and your problems for your hairy areas. Please meet the at-home-waxing-kit from Sugar Pot Wax! 

Thank you, Sugar Pot Wax for sending me these sugar wax to try. ^_^

The waxing (or sugaring) material is packed in a white jar with the sugarpot label printed on an orange paper. Waxing strips and sticks are provided with the purchase of one jar of sugarpot wax.

Its expiry date is pasted on the bottom of the jar, which is one year from now. It's made of natural ingredients, so there's no need to worry about pesky chemical or preservatives. Natural ingredients tend to keep for a long time. My homemade body butter is still in good shape after 8 months without preservatives. :)

I've told you about the waxing strips and sticks that comes with it. The best thing about the strips are their reusability. Yes, I can simply wash it and use it again for the next waxing period. Awesome, right?

Moving on to the performance of the sugar wax. My calf looks huge and very hairy, I hear you say? Well, it's not mine, lol. My calves barely have any hair and I've just shaved my under arm last week, so I 'borrowed' Mr. G's calf. He's willing to do it for Terang Bulan Keju science and blogging!

Before we start with sugaring the desired area, I decided to heat the wax, just so it goes on smoothly. In the instructions manual, the wax can be heated by boiling or using a microwave. I choose to microwave it for 10 seconds, but it can be boiled on low heat for 10 minutes. I just placed it in hot water to keep the consistency during the photo session.

It is available in two variants; honey and chocolate. The one that I used in this post is the chocolate version, which have a faint chocolate scent. The consistency is similar to that of honey once it is heated. It can be used without heating beforehand, but I prefer to heat it because it feels warm~

Using it is easy~ Let me show you using the pictorial above, yeah?
1. Apply a little bit of baby powder.
2. Slather a thin and even layer of wax on the desired area. Make sure it's even ya or else it won't pull all the hair evenly. (You'll see..)
3. Stick on the waxing strip on that area evenly and wait for around 10 seconds. After that, pull it against the direction of your hair growth. Pull it fast and DON'T HESITATE.
4. Done~ Admire the hairs on the strips, lol.

If you read my steps, you'll notice the word 'even' or 'evenly' is being repeated over and over again. Well, this is what happens when the sugar strip isn't even. 

Tada~ It removes the hairs easily with just one strip, but just make sure the sugar wax is even. You can see that there is a smooth, hairless spot on Mr. G's calf. Let me zoom that for you. 

There you go. It removes hair all the way to the follicles, thus slowing the growth of the hair compared to the conventional shaving method. The waxed area is smooth~

I've tried it on my arms and it doesn't really hurt. Maybe it depends on the individual's pain threshold, but I didn't really feel much pain when I did it on my arms. I didn't take a picture of my arms because the hair is barely visible on camera, unlike Mr. G's. ^_^;;

To sum up, I like that:
♥ it is worth the price (Rp 65,000), given that the strips are reusable.
♥ it has two variants, honey and chocolate
♥ it is easy to use
♥ it removes hair easily

However, since it is made from sugar, it can stick to the surroundings, so be sure to take precautions when using it. Don't let your phones get waxed, okay? 

Have you tried waxing at home? Let me know in the comments below about your experience with waxing. Until then, I'll see you later~ 

To buy this sugar wax, here is the information detail on the online shop.
Sugar Pot Wax
LINE : jessycaoctavia
WA & SMS : 08588-1111-685

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  1. XD aku jg baru coba yg ini ci.. belum kupost di blog
    hahaha.. hairy bgt Mr.G ya..bisa dimaklumi kalo pria..
    tangan dan kakiku malah lbh hairy drpd BFku -_- sebel LOL
    Anyway, nice review ci ^_^

    1. Yes, very very hairy si Mr. G kakinya.. Aku mo foto tanganku, tapi bulunya ga kliatan blas di kamera, mo pake foto kakiku lebih lagi soalnya ga ada bulunya -_- .. Jadi pinjem kaki Mr. G deh~ ^_^

  2. Aaaa... pengennn.. *menatap nanar kaki penuh bulu*
    Bulu kaki aku parah bangett.. kalo dibiarkan liar tanpa dicukur persis kaya punya Mr. G. huhuhu

    1. huaduh! Di wax aja, Van, ga gitu sakit and numbuhnya jadi lebih lama~ ^_^

  3. aaaah pangen... *^*
    mau tanya ci, temen aku bilang kalau waxing nanti bisa bikin bulu tumbuh makin tebel ya? :\
    aku kepingin banget coba tapi kadang....takut... T__T

    1. Setauku sih cukur/waxing bikin bulu makin tebel sih mitos ya, soalnya kan ujungnya yang baru dicukur itu masih tumpul bulunya, jadi ngasih kesan 'tebel' padahal mah engga~ Kalo emang teorinya gitu, mending cukur rambut biar makin tuebel~ ^_^