Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review Maybelline Crayon Brow

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions are honest and my own.”

Hello, lovelies~ I remember the first time I tried to 'draw' my eyebrows to achieve a more polished look, only to end up looking like an anime character called Crayon Shin-chan. I mean, look at his brows. Sure, it's full and youthful-looking, but it's nowhere near good if it's on my face. ^_^

Angry bird's brows will also look horrendous on my face, btw.

As time goes by, I gotten used to dealing with my brows and it has pretty much everything to do with my mood that day. I've used cake powder, pencil, even eyeliners at one point, but I still like pencil for an everyday look.

Since my Etude House Auto Eyebrow has a very short life span (lol), I tried looking for something that is available in my local drugstores. I found Maybelline Crayon Brow a while back, so I bought it for Rp 22,500 to try.

There were two colors that were available when I bought it. I couldn't find any shade name on the eyebrow pencil, but it does have the color on the bottom end. It is a greyish brown shade, with more grey than brown. The other shade is black, if I'm not mistaken.

This compact brow pencil is one that needs to be sharpened, which I usually avoid like the plague. However, I feel like trying out a pencil as a sign of commitment and responsibility as this will teach me to hold on to my sharpeners, not losing them all the time (lol). Unlike other 'cheap' pencils, this one has a soft texture and quite pigmented color.

The color produced by this brow pencil is a soft greyish brown that quite matches my brow color, should it have a more pigmented grey color. As with most pencil-type brow products, it fills in my brows easily and leaves a waxy finish to help set the brows in place a lot longer.
This is my default everyday eyebrow look. Messy, I  know.

To sum up, I like that:
♥ it is available in Maybelline counters
♥ it retails for only Rp 22,500
♥ the pencil is soft when used on my brows
♥ the color is quite pigmented
♥ it lasts longer compared to my EH auto eyebrow
♥ it has a waxy finish, so it sets my brows in place

However, I feel it would be better if:
- it doesn't need to be sharpened
- it has a wider range of colors. At least, a pure grey color

Have you tried this affordable eyebrow product from Maybelline? Leave me a comment below if you have and what you think about it ya~ Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. Cii.. ini ada yg versi crayonnya, lebih enak dan gak usah di seruutt!! LOL
    Aku juga suka banget ini warnanya natural bangeettttt

    1. Iya?! Kalo gitu aku segera meluncur ke counter deh buat nyobain! Thanks, Van~ ^_^

      btw, itu Vina dd/kk mu kah?

    2. Iya bangettt.. Cuss meluncuurr.. hahaha.. masamaa ^^

      Itu cici akuuu.. haha, namanya cuma dibalik doang hurufnya.. :p

  2. warna grey nya bagus ya,, baru tau maybelline ada pensil alis yg bagus gini juga hihihi...