Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50/PA +++

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Hello, lovelies~ Cushion makeup is trending again in the beauty industry and nearly every brand has their own take on them. 

I haven't tried that many cushion makeup since this is only my third one. IOPE is still on my wishlist because it seems like everyone has rave reviews about it. I sooooo wanna try it!

Anyway, I wanted to review the cushion makeup from Laneige, to be even more exact the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50/PA +++.

Right out of the silvery black outer box, the cushion came with the case with the BB cream already inside it along with another refill for the BB cushion. I got it at Changi Duty Free, but I can't remember the price, sorry~ 

As for the ingredients, it uses a blend of physical and chemical sunscreen to protect the skin from the bad UV rays. I like that it has arbutin, so it helps brighten my skin. Glycerin is also present as a moisturizer that draws moisture from the environment. This BB cushion is loaded with silicones and silica, so those with allergies may want to watch out for that. It doesn't use any parabens as a preservatives, but still contains fragrance.

Moving on to the cushion packaging that has an almost similar packaging to a two way cake compact. I love that it is white in color because somehow it gives me a sense of serenity and cleanliness. ^_^

As with most cushion makeup, it comes with its own sponge puff or air puff that I love to use, even though I have to wash it every other day to reduce bacteria on its surface.

The inside of the cushion looks like a bee hive if you look up close, doesn't it? That's where all the BB cushion is stored and later picked up using the sponge puff provided to give an even coverage.

As for the performace or coverage, it gives a light coverage that is enough to conceal the redness on my face, but not my acne or sun spot.

With a dewy finish (like the photo above), I like to set it with powder to reduce the shine on my already-oily face. The shade Sand Beige looks a tad darker than my skintone, but it wasn't something dramatic. Oil control is (you'd probably guessed) below average for my combination/oily skin type.

To sum up, this BB cushion seemed like it was made for people with dry skin because I imagined it would be moisturizing and sticky. However, it was lightweight and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. The sunscreen factor is adequate to protect the skin from the sun.

I do feel that it has a poor oil control, especially for those looking for makeup that stays all day. At times when I'm lazy, applying this cushion felt like a chore because of the all over patting motion to evenly distribute the product. *pat pat pat*.

How about you? Have you tried this BB cushion from Laneige? Let me know what you think about it and cushion makeup in general in the comments below. Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. Looks good, kak! Kak, mau tanya deh, kan kakak punya yg any cushionnya EH ya, itu refill Laneige bisa muat di wadahnya any cushion apa nggak sih? Trs bikin post comparison kak! ^^

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Refillnya ga bisa muat di Any cushion, tapi setauku, Laneige bisa muat di cushion case lain yang keluaran Amore Pacific juga kaya IOPE, Hera, dll. :)

  2. Wahhh ce, pengen banget coba Cushion yang dari Laneige tapi harganya itu T_T
    Penasaran juga sama yang EH Any Cushion, kayaknya sama-sama bagus. Nice review ce ^_^

    1. Nel, kalo buat oily skin mending yang Any Cushion krn yang ini hasilnya dewy plus oil controlnya kurang buat kulit kombinasi/berminyak. :)

  3. How would you compare this to the Etude any cushion in terms of coverage and how long it lasts? Thanks for the review~!^^

    1. I feel that this has more coverage, but the EH lasts longer.

  4. Pls make a tutorial how to wash cushion sponges.. i try to wash mine but cannot get it cleaned entirely. Thank youuuu dear