Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions are honest and my own.” Complete disclosure here

Hello, lovelies~ If you follow me on instagram, you would probably already seen this product since I did posted it a couple of weeks ago. I have been eyeing the brand KATE for the longest time, but have never gotten to try them out for I-don't-even-know-what-the-reason-is.

Have you ever heard of Kanebo? Yeah, it's the big company from Japan that owns a couple other brands like Lunasol, COFFRET D’OR, and SENSAI. Well, KATE is one of the brands from KANEBO, too! It is catered for trendy women with urban styles back when they first launched in 1997.

I was very interested with the foundation, so I decided to get the Powderless Liquid for Cover in the shade OC-D. No, I'm not OCD, in case you're asking. ^_^

The box is listed with instructions on how to use the liquid foundation. There are pictures for those who don't understand Japanese. I think the powder is separated with the liquid, so it needs to be shaken before each use.

Time to move on to the ingredients. Let me list some of the ingredients worth noting:
- Cyclomethicone + dimethicone: gives a smooth finish to the skin
- Titanium dioxide & Zinc oxide: for sun protection (physical sunscreen)
- Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate: for sun protection (chemical sunscreen)
- Glycerin: a moisturizer that draws moisture from the environment
- Alcohol:  nooooo~ It's nearly on the bottom, so it's okay~
- Methylparaben: preservative that draws many, many unneeded arguments, lol. 

The foundation is packaged in a plastic bottle with a black cap. I thought it was gonna be tempered glass, but this will do (says a clumsy beauty junkie). 

At least it came with a pump! The pump is of good quality because it doesn't dispense much product within one pump.

The color OC-D is a medium beige with slightly yellow undertone. The swatch above may seem too dark, but the skintone on the back of my hand is lighter than my face, FYI.

The foundation gives medium coverage, so it's able to conceal the redness on my face and some of the acne scars. It can't cover my sun spot and active acne, so I would need concealer to do the job. My skin is breaking out badly because of a cream cleanser that I tried a week ago. So~ Excuse that~ ^_^

The semi-matte finish is one of the things that I like from the foundation. It turns into a powdery finish within 15 seconds, so I need to work fast to blend it on the skin. I can layer it for more coverage, but I won't do more than 2 because then it'll start to look cakey.

My cheeks and nose bridge is slightly glowy, which is the right amount of glow I like on my face. I do have combination skin, so it tends to be glowy on its own. It does have a good oil control of around 4-5 hours, even then I didn't set it with powder.

To sum up, I like that:
♥ it has a wide range of shades for an Asian brand.
♥ it is packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump. Hygienic.
♥ it contains sun protection (even though it's minimal)
♥ it gives medium coverage.
♥ it has a semi matte finish, so my face doesn't look too 'blah'.
♥ the oil control is above average, lasting around 4-5 hours

However, it would be better if:
≈ the drying time isn't that fast, so as to give a little time for blending.
≈ there is no alcohol, so I can use it everyday~

So, have you tried any of their products? Let me know which one you've tried and why it's your favorite. I wanna buy more KATE products, lol. Until then, I'll see you later~

P.S: buat yang di Indonesia, belinya dimana ya? I mean, olshop mana? ^_^ 

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  1. BB Creamnya super oke ci!
    Eyebrow powdernya juga okeee. Aku tadinya mau coba ini ^_^

    1. Oh ya? Nanti mo coba deh kalo gitu, thanks for the info~

  2. Duh baca review kate powderless ini pada bilang bagus jadi mupenngg... kayanya kalo produk2 jepun paling di fd aja cii, kalo olshop fb/insta gitu kayanya agak jaraangg