Thursday, February 27, 2014

Private Media Gathering of The Launch of Revitalash Advanced Indonesia

Hello, lovelies~ Anyone of you had lashes that are just short, sparse and grows straight down?

*raises hand* I was blessed with a set of lashes that are short and straight *sad face*

It was so short and straight that I once thought of having eyelash extensions to solve my problems. However, I read online about the pros and cons that I decided to look for other solutions before resolving to that. 

Luckily, I received an email from Revita Lash Indonesia about their media gathering regarding their latest eyelash serum. Did I go? Of course la~

I was invited to attend a private media gathering from Revitalash Advanced Indonesia a few days ago. The event took place at Blossom Nails over at Intercontinental Hotel. Traffic was a bit unkind to me that day, but (thankfully) I reached there on time. *phew*

The venue was a nail spa called Blossom Nails where they had prepared snacks and tea. I thought it was ordinary black tea, but it was rose tea. Yum! 

Before the presentation started, we were asked to take our seats in these comfortable sofas. If you have spare time and wanted to be pedicurally-pampered (that's not a word), you can come to Blossom Nails at Hotel Intercontinental. 

Since it is a private media gathering, there were only three of us in that time slot. I was excited to hear the presentation because anything that can help elongate and make my eyelashes fuller is always good in my book. Ms. Kezia gave the presentation about the brief history along with the product details.

The product was developed by a physician when his wife suffered from breast cancer. Due to the ongoing chemotherapy, his wife has more fragile eyelashes that would fall off because of it. He was motivated to create this serum to help his wife regain and maintain those lovely eyelashes. Awh, such a sweet story, isn't it?

During the presentation, we were given a deluxe pedicure, courtesy of Blossom Nails. The relaxing massage after shaping the nails hits spot and we were given a foot mask as well. Uhm, excuse my chubby, pale feet ya~ ^_^;;

After a session of chit chatting and a relaxing pedicure, it's time to bid farewell to everyone. However, we were sent home with a bunch of goodies from Revitalash that I can't wait to try. Stay tuned and until then, I'll see you later~ 

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