Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review GEO MIMI Cafe Series Macchiato

“Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out.” Complete disclosure here   

Hello, lovelies~ Even though I wear glasses daily, I like to wear contacts on days when I feel up to it. My eyes are quite sensitive, so I can't really wear contacts for long periods of time. However, when I do get a chance to use them, I usually choose contacts that helps to make my eyes brighter and slightly larger.

A few weeks ago, MySoftlens sent me a set of circle lens to try out from the GEO MIMI Cafe series. This has been on my contacts wishlist for the longest time because of the cute names and patterns. 

See? I told you they're cute! They're named after food and beverages that are usually found in cafes. 

I got the one in Macchiato (not because of the name!) because the pattern looks interesting. Okay, I admit, it was partly because of the name, lol. Not entirely, though!

The contacts came in glas bottles that are sealed tightly with labeled stickers on the sides. To watch out for fakes, be sure to look at the authenticity sticker on the label. To make sure they're not fake, check for the code number only at geo.fw1860.com.

WMM-504 or Macchiato is a chocolate brown lens with a caramel brown inner ring that is decorated with specks of dark brown. It's an interesting pattern, especially with the curves on the inside. Does it remind you of a cup of macchiato with caramel drizzled on top?

In case you've forgotten how a caramel macchiato look like. ^_^ 

After removing the contacts from the glass packaging, I placed it in the free lens case that was also sent from MySoftlens. Always remember to wash your hands before touching your contacts, ya~

The color of the contacts turned out to be slightly similar with my eye color, so it kinda blends together. The difference is the 15 cm diameter that turns my eye larger, which I love. Notice the brown outer ring that gives my eyes a more natural look compared to a black outer ring that tends to look harsh.
Left - No circle lens; Right - With GEO MIMI Cafe Series Macchiato

Putting both on my eyes felt comfortable than other contacts that I've tried. Sometimes when you use a low quality lens, it feels like there is a foreign object in my eye that keeps poking every time I blink. However, this is not the case with this lens.

In brighter lighting, you can see the pattern of the contacts, but nothing too dramatic that it attracts the attention of the whole room. As the picture above where my whole face is apparent to the whole world, you can see the subtle caramel brown curves on my left eye.

Another thing that I like from this lens is its ability to follow my eye movements without lagging, lol. Hmm, how should I say this? When I look to the right, the lens will immediately follow without being left behind for a second. I don't know how else I can explain it. ^_^

In a badly lit room or poor lighting, the contacts tend to look darker than it should be. I reckon using it at night time will result in this effect, but I don't mind because it still makes my eyes look big. I tried to recreate it in this photo, so it's more or less like this. ^_^;;

On my eyes, the contacts starts to feel a bit dry on the third hour, but a drop of contacts solution can solve that problem.

To sum up, I like that :
- it has a secure packaging.
- it has an authenticity sticker to help customers know which ones are fake contacts.
- it gives enlargement to my eyes without looking out of place.
- the patterns gives my eyes an interesting look.
- the outer ring is brown in color, making it look a little natural.
- it wears for 12 months.

However, I feel that it would be better if:
- it has a cylinder option. I can't use this for long because I get dizzy when my cylinder is not corrected.

You can get the GEO MIMI Cafe Series Macchiato at MySoftlens.com here. They carry most of the popular brand of contacts with an affordable price. So, let me know if you've tried this and what your thoughts are about it. Until then, I'll see you later~

P.S: Excuse my-still-slightly-red left eye. It was like that when I woke up. XP 

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  1. cici cute banget fotonya yang pake kacamata hello kitty hahaha.. berasa liat anak sma lagi selfie xDDD

  2. cakep ce pake lensnya, jadi cuteee <3