Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Essence Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder Review

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions honest and my own.” Complete disclosure here

Hello, lovelies~ I don’t really own a lot of bronzers ever since I started my journey in the makeup world. However, I do enjoy the occasional tanning of the skin and looking all sun kissed. That being said, I haven’t tried a lot of bronzers.

I picked up a new bronzer while I was in Singapore at the Essence corner over at Watsons. It’s not something I usually buy, but the embossing is cute, so I couldn’t pass it up.

Since they are no testers, I just bought the one for light skin, which turns out to be a light brown shade with shimmers. They have a coconut scent that I’m not too keen on, hahaha.

As beautiful as the color is in the pan, it failed to show up on my face. I don’t know if the pigmentation is just bad or my skin tone is darker that it won’t show up. I do see the shimmers on my face when I swiped it on my cheeks, but not the beige-brown shade. I have to layer it intensely to the point of caking to get the color to come out.

Despite it being a cute bronzer with the thoughtful embossing, the coconut scent is too overpowering for me. However, I can dust it on top of my lighter base makeup, so I still have a flush of color on my face. It doesn't work for contouring on my face. I knew I should've bought the one for darker skin tone, dang it!

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