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DOAPJ How-To: Shop at Luxola

Hello, lovelies~ Shopping online may be the best thing since sliced bread for me, lol. It doesn't require me to change my clothes, get out of the house, facing traffic and paying the parking fee (Rp 4,000/hour now!). All those hassle is just avoided by sitting in front of the computer and clicking away the items I want. Before I know it, the items arrive safely on my doorstep. Simply lovely, wouldn't you say?
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Of course there are a few online shops that are just down right nasty or a sneaky con artist. You have to be extra careful when shopping online for skincare and/or makeup because there are fakes out there that are being sold by irresponsible shops.
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One of my favorite place to shop online for skincare and/or makeup is Luxola. I have already blogged about it in the past (you can read more about it here), but I'll tell a brief profile of them just to refresh your memory.

Luxola is an online shopping website that provides a large variety of skincare, makeup, and beauty tools. They carry popular and well-known beauty brands such as Sleek, Sigma Brush, Korres, and a lot more. Newer brands are also present there, with the newest one being Purer Skin that looks cute and edible. :)

They often give out discount and promo codes, so make sure you are subscribed to their email newsletter. That way, you can always get updates about their latest promotions and products.

Since I have shopped a couple of times at Luxola, I'll show you step by step how it's done. I do get questions on how to shop at these websites, so here you go. To make this kinda, sorta like a bilingual, I'll write down the instruction in Indonesian, so that my readers from Indonesia can understand better. :)

Waktu baru masuk ke halaman utamanya Luxola, nanti ada promo-promo atau diskon-diskon yang sedang berlangsung pas di tengahnya. Enaknya sih daftar dulu, jadi nanti pas kelar belanja tinggal bayar. Kadang ada promo juga kalo abis register jadi pelanggan baru. :)

Tombolnya ada di kanan atas pas baru masuk ke pagenya Luxola. Tinggal diklik, isi bentar data lengkap, trus belanja deh~
Bagian ini ga usah dijelasin kayanya ya~ Uda pada ngerti juga, tinggal klik aja di tombol beli, langsung masuk ke keranjang belanja. Agak susah menahan diri bagian yang ini buatku, hahaha.. ^_^
Kalo udah puas belanjanya, tinggal check out dengan cara klik di tulisan Keranjang. Nanti dari situ langsung dibawa ke halaman yang ada rekap-an belanja kamu.

Jangan lupa dicek ulang ya jumlah belanjaanya, warnanya dan lain-lainnya. Males banget kalo udah belanja trus salah warna, apalagi kalo foundation. *eh curhat*

Abis kelar cek dan klik tombol 'lanjutkan', saatnya cek alamat dan nomor telpon. Jangan sampe nyasar ke rumah tetangga, ntar malah dijual lagi 'ma doi. Kalo semuanya udah bener, kita lanjut ke halaman berikutnya.

Selanjutnya, kamu bisa milih cara pembayaran. Aku biasanya pake kartu kredit, tapi bisa juga kok kalo mo transfer ke rekening bank kaya BCA or Mandiri. Setelah kamu klik tombol 'Konfirmasi', kamu bakal diarahkan ke halaman pembayaran yang udah kamu pilih sebelumnya. Jangan khawatir buat yang pake kartu kredit karena waktu pembayaran aman kok. Kamu bisa lihat di web browsernya ada kata-kata 'https://'.

Sesudah kamu melengkapi pembayarannya, dalam beberapa menit, kamu akan dapetin email konfirmasi pemesanan dari Luxola. Ini tandanya pesanan kamu yang di web udah diterima dan lagi disiapin buat dikirim. Lagi dipacking biar pas sampe di tangan kamu barangnya aman, selamat tidak kurang suatu apa pun. :)

Nah, kalo udah dapet email yang di atas ini, namanya barang kamu udah dipacking dan dikirim dari Luxolanya. Enaknya belanja di sini adalah langsung dapet nomor resi (tracking number) tanpa pake nanya ke seller. Nomor itu tinggal kamu copas langsung ke webnya.

Seperti yang kamu liat di gambar atas, paketku sampe dalam waktu 8 hari, tanpa kurang apa pun. Sesuai deh sama yang dipesen~ Ga pake acara ditagih pajak, ditahan di bea, bahkan 'pungli' ga jelas dari pos.

Here are the items I got from their website last month. Mostly skincare items because I am a skincare junkie and curious to try new products for my skin. I got them when they were having a 70% discount last December. Cool, huh?

A simple way of buying your skincare and/or makeup needs with just a click of the button. I find it very useful since I get to try out new skincare brands that are not yet available in Indonesia.

If you need assistance during all those shopping experience or just wanted to ask question about shipping and their costs, you can always click on the lower left hand side of the screen. You can chat with the customer service or leave a message if it is not during office hours.
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Shopping online may have some bad reputation in some forms, but don't let that scare you because over at Luxola, it is guaranteed to be the most trustworthy online store there is. So, are you ready to shop at Luxola now? ^_^
Click here to start shopping!
Psst.. They're having a 50% clearance sale to welcome Chinese New Year! I'm already eyeing some of the items, are you?

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