Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tmart Bioelectric Impedance Analysis Review

“Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out.” Complete disclosure here 
Hello, lovelies~ I hope the new year has been great for you thus far. A few months ago, I was offered to test out a device called the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis from There are other skincare devices on their website, including a face brush, a Tmart Massager, other health related things. They offer worldwide free shipping, too!

The Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (or BIA for short) came in a box along with an instruction manual. It's not heavy at all, so the shipping cost can be minimized, I feel, lol. *cheapskate*

Anyhoos, the instruction manual also showed the charts for measurements of moisture, oil, and roughness of the skin. It comes with the age groups, so you can check out what is ideal for your age.

It came with a battery, the one that is round and flat, kinda like the one you would out inside your wrist watch. I didn't have any trouble attaching the battery as it just slips right into the fitted hole. 

The BIA device is quite compact, so it would make a great travel companion in almost any makeup bag. It has a cap on the end to protect the nodes.

What the BIA measures is the moisture, oil, and roughness of the skin area being tested. All I did was open the cap and place the metal-thingy on my face for about 3-4 seconds. If it has finished measuring, the BIA will let out a beep to notify the user. I'm not too familiar with the mechanism of this device, so sorry about that. ^_^;;

As seen from the photo above, my skin is very oily as it was very hot that day I took the picture, lol. That is an improvement because usually I won't have any moisture on my face during a hot day. After each test, I just wiped it with a facial tissue soaked in alcohol or any cleansing water.

Overall, I find that this BIA device is handy for times when I want to review a skincare product to see the amount of moisture given by said product. I also find it's kinda addicting because I have been testing my skin every time I do my skincare nowadays. For USD $7.77, you can't go wrong with having one at home.

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Bioelectric Impedance Analysis Skin Analyzer

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  1. lucu ya bisa buat test2 jadinyaa :DD
    pas dipake geter2 ato nyetrum gitu ga ci phanie? ahahah

    1. Untungnya engga nyetrum, Icel~ Ga berasa apa2 malah.. ^_^

  2. Akhirnya yang ditunggu2 muncul juga reviewnya hihi. Lucu juga kayak test suhu badan gitu ya.
    Tapi beneran akurat gak ya? Hahaha.

    1. Sejauh ini sih lumayan akurat, aku coba tes pake mattfying primer, oilku 0. Tes lagi pake pelembab yang rich bgt, moisturenya jadi 5. Kutes ke kaki yang kering banget kliatan ngelupas, moisturenya -4. Not bad~ ^_^