Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Updated Night Time Skincare Routine

Hello, lovelies~ I want to share my skincare routine before going to bed because it is different from the one on my Youtube channel. For reference, my skin is currently a combination type, probably due to the rainy weather, not sure. Here we go~ 

Oh, this is gonna be kinda like a 'pictorial' since there are loads of pictures of myself and the product, hahaha.. I kinda felt like it when I got out of the shower, so excuse that. 

There you have, my updated night time skincare routine. I feel that those are enough for my skin now that it's well-mannered with the help of Zinc. Sure I still have some acne marks I need to take care of, but for now, that'll do. Until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. Ce itu STE nya pake setelah serum ya?
    Bukan sebelum serum?
    Wah ak selama ini urutannya salah hahaha

    1. Sebelum serum juga boleh, itu yang V10 Plus soalnya lebih cair dari STE makanya dipakenya duluan. ^_^

    2. Oow jadi dilihat dari tekstur nya ya ce
      Baru tau. Kirain udah patokan dasar yg ga bisa diubah2 hehehe
      thanx info nya :)