Sunday, December 15, 2013

Spreading Cheer with Clinique on Happy Day

Hello, lovelies~ Smile, be happy, and spread that joy to everyone around you. Well known throughout the world as the season of giving, December is here once again and Clinique has a surprise in store for their customers. 

Two words: Happy Day.

I went to celebrate Clinique's national Happy Day at Seibu, Grand Indonesia on the 13th December 2013. Once a year (usually on December), Clinique spreads happiness to their customers and the people that visited their counter by simple things like giving out flowers and/or chocolates. There are promotions, but it is mainly to spread the happiness others.

There were orange colored decorations all over the counter that brings me into a cheerful mood since orange is a very uplifting color. It sure is a good change of pace from the usual, professional white that Clinique is famous for. 

We drew a crowd, I bet they're happy as well~ 
Everyone was wearing and orange article of clothing to exhibit joy in the festivities, even the consultants and executives. An acapela group was also there to join the party and liven things up. It was very festive indeed!

After the performance of the Acapela group, I browsed the counter trying out the Chubby Sticks, which I haven't had a chance to try. They're just moisturizing and practical for those with dry lips.

For those looking for Christmas presents, Clinique has sets of skincare and makeup all wrapped in a beautiful orange and pink box. They even have the mini chubby sticks with cute and colorful packaging. It makes the cutest Christmas present, doesn't it?

If you don't know what your skin type is, they have a skin consultation section where they ask you a bunch of questions to know your skin type. It has a sofa, so comfort is definitely on their list of things to satisfy the customer.

With Christmas around the bend, it wouldn't hurt to visit Clinique counters if you are still looking for gifts, especially for those who are into skincare and makeup. I would like to extend my gratitude to Clinique for having me joining in on all the festive celebration. 

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