Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Peripera Fairy's Tint Glow Stick Review

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions are honest and my own.”

Hello, lovelies~ Merry Christmas~ I hope you had a wonderful holiday so far, I know I am. Even though I am still working on Thursday, lol. 

I want to review a Korean cosmetic brand that may be very familar to some of you as I noticed when I posted the picture on my instagram. Peripera has one of the cutest product packaging out there.

Even the box has the characters printed on them! The cuteness doesn't stop there because it's also printed on the lipstick casing. I love the little hearts scattered on the case. ^_^ <3

There are five shades in the collection, but I only bought two of them; Love in the rain and Wind love. I'm planning on buying the other shades, probably after the new year once the online shops are opened again. 

In terms of pigmentation, these lip tints are 'da bomb! One swipe over my lips and the color is opaque to cover my pale lips. Wind love has a slight orange undertone that looks natural for everyday makeup, while Love in the rain is a vivid fuschia tint.

Right after the first swipe, my lips feels moisturized with a hint of shine. However, after an hour, my lips starts to get chapped in the inner part, so lip balm or gloss is a must when using this lip tint. I usually slather a layer of lip balm after applying the lip tint to prevent any dryness.

It lasted quite some time on my lips given I don't eat or drink when I have them on. I would need to reapply after a meal, but that's not really a problem.

To sum up, the tint glow stick from Peripera gives a vibrant color that is matched with a slight shine on the lips. Though it is still a teensie bit drying, I can always pair it with a lip balm or gloss to give my lips moisture. Have you tried this yet? Let me know, until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. packagingnya murahan yah? enggak kayak peripera sebelum2nya, btw btw yang love on the rain cakep bangettt!! mau beliii~~

    1. Kemasannya sih emang dari plastik, jadi berasa murah, tapi aku malah suka character designnya. Lucu~ ^_^

  2. Suka dua-duannyaa. Warnanya bagus banget ^_^
    Ce, kulitmu bagus banget sih. Mau donkkkk ^_^

    1. Pengen kubeli semua warnanya, hehehe, rakus~

      Itu efek concealer saja, kalo ga pake juga ampun dah, minah~ Banyak bekas jerawat sama sun spot~ ^_^

  3. ini lcuuu abiss designnyaaa, jadi pengenn nyobainnn gyaa~~

  4. Ya ampun ce, ini racun banget. Aku gak pernah tertarik sama tint stick gini, soalnya biasa pigmentation-nya kurang banget, tapi ini, sungguh racun ce!! kudu punya x-x

  5. adduuh, pekejingnya ga nahaann :) yg love in the rain aku pikir bakal oren gonjreng loh warnanya XD bagus yaaaa, haduh, racun baru

  6. d cece wind love bagus ya, d aku ngejreng banget >.<
    trus patah ;_;