Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Things to Try

Hello, lovelies~ I hope you've had a great week so far because I know I did. Just got back from Singapore and wanted to show you a couple of things I bought while I was there. I'm glad that December is here because it means that I get to buy Christmas-related things, yeay~ Let's just start, shall we? 

I joined a contest from Sephora Singapore a few weeks ago and I won! It's like a dream since I  rarely won those contests ever in my life. I was at a seminar when they emailed me saying I won, I let out a small squeal of happiness when I read it. 

Even told Mr. G to pinch because surely I was dreaming, but I'm not. Yeah! It's been a while since I wanted to try Tarte, so this will be a good starter kit.

DAISO is a place that I will never forget to visit when I'm in Singapore. I love their charcoal face wash, so I always restock them whenever I visit. I forgot to take a picture of it, silly me. The picture below is just their makeup. The blush is pretty!

Watsons is another place that is on my list to visit because of their wide range of beauty products. Essence is one of the brand that really attracted me then, so I bought a couple of items from them. Their price range is quite affordable, starting from SGD $3.90 (ish). I bought eyeshadows, an eyeliner, a bronzer, a blusher, a lip tint, and a lipstick.

The last purchase was at Nuance Watsons, which is a duty free store at Changi. I was gonna buy a shower gel from philosophy, but the scents are mostly sweet and sickening, so I skipped it. I prefer my Cottage more. In the end, I got an 8 hour cream, a glossy lip butter from Victoria's Secret, and a highlighter from L'Oreal.

That concludes my haul after a month of not spending anything on beauty products. I'm quite proud of myself for not getting out of control and buying the whole Watsons, hahaha. Have a great Saturday, I'll see you later~

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  1. aku juga suka ce blush on sama eyeshadow daiso, murah terus oke..
    btw review bronzernya dong, ga pernah liat c phanie pakai bronzer kayaknya