Saturday, December 21, 2013

L'Occitane Holiday Gift Guide For Spa Enthusiasts

Hello, lovelies~ Are you still reading my holiday gift guide since a couple of posts ago? I'm on a roll, yo! If you happen to miss the previous posts, I have complied a list for you right here:
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Today, I am going to post my gift guide for those who are in need and/or so much in love with pampering their body that they tend to go to spas. However, with all the traffic jam and the rainy season causing even more traffic, it's sometimes better if we can pamper ourselves at home, yes? Well then, I hope you enjoy this gift guide.

Nothing says relaxation than spending your evening at home soaking in a bath tub (or shower) accompanied with an aromatic candle. As a matter of fact, I should do that right now, I'll see you later~

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