Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's Light Up the Season with L'Occitane

Hello, lovelies~ Only 10 more days until Santa Christmas comes! Have you been a good boy/girl this year? Let's just say we've all been good, yeah? That way, we all get presents no matter what~ ^_^

Speaking of presents, have you done all your Christmas shopping? If you haven't, you may keep on reading to get ideas on what to give your loved ones for Christmas this year. 

Last Saturday, I was invited to Mama Goose to celebrate L'Occitane Provencal Holiday Party. Being a L'Occitane lover, I went feeling all warm, snuggly and Christmas-y. Just look at the banner, doesn't it just scream Christmas?

The team from L'Occitane Indonesia did a great job decorating the whole place. It felt like I was in a L'Occitane store minus the cash register. They even set up a Frech braid and hand massage section that I just have to try it.

As I was wondering around, I saw a man wearing nifty looking clothes, so obviously I took a picture with him. Turns out he was a Fragrance Merchant, a character that was said to wonder around Provence during Christmas selling fragrance. This is how he looks like, more or less, said the L'Occitane team.

Remember in the paragraphs earlier I said I may help you with your gift/present ideas? Well, here are the products from L'Occitane categorized by their ingredients. 

There are various products ranging from skin care to body care, even perfumes. So, not to worry, there will be gifts for everyone~

You can mix and match the skincare, body care and even perfumes to create the wonderful gift for that special someone. Once you do, don't forget to place them inside the deluxe L'Occitane gift box. I would be happy to receive the box since it is so colorful and chic.

Aside from just having lunch, the team from L'Occitane gave out three prizes; two for the gift-wrapping contest and one for the most comprehensive tweet during the event. I didn't take the picture during the gift-wrapping because everyone was in a hurry to create beautiful hampers and presents.

Thankfully, I won the tweet event and received a set of limited edition Shea Butter products (lip balm, hand cream, and ultra rich body cream). They also sent us bloggers home with a set of the Fleur D'Or and Acacia hand cream, body milk and perfume. I love the floral scent! 

A big thank you to L'Occitane Indonesia for hosting such a festive and joyous party. I was having so much fun during the gift wrapping segment, so did everyone else. To everyone, I bid you adieu and happy holidays!

P.S: I know it's still more than a week away to Christmas, but it's okay to wish you happy holidays, right? ^_^//~~

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